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    Setting Sail to Kaskade

    such a sick cruise :)
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    Pot/Marijuana Appreciation

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    How was Sasha?

    holy fuck corola was amazing
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    Justice @ Circa

    I agree, and I found a lot of "art installations" to be tacky shit. lol
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    Danny Howells puts on a clinic @ Footwork

    amazing reviews (as expected), FW used to it's best IMO
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    Virgin Festival - Saturday: Reviews!!!

    nice shots... I'm starving for more pictures and videos.. I can't find FUCK ALL on youtube yet. I saw 400 morons with cameras lol post your shit!
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    Nathan Fake - Somewhere on King St.

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    Virgin Festival - Saturday: Reviews!!!

    anyone see pictures online anywhere?
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    Virgin Festival - Saturday: Reviews!!!

    Great fucking day on the island... I made it early enough to catch Paolo Nutini... great voice and perfect for that hour in the day. Unfortunately he didn't play "Last Request" and mumbled something to the extent of "I have one last song, although I thought I had two more". IMO implying he...
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    Vinyl Records: Trance (classic), House, Tribal House

    5$ per vinyl (open to negotiate on larger purchases, I just want to get rid of them), let me know if you are interested, they are all in top condition... Ideally, I'd love to get rid of them all (w/ two mint condition flight cases) ASAP, so please make me an offer, you never know... jon...
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    The Sopranos - Final Episodes

    the more I watch that last scene, the more I think it's a dream sequence... the quick cut of tony sitting down back/forth, and what the fuck is with the restaurant? football diner? what's that all about? Tony's shirt looks like one he used to wear in first Season... What do the boy scouts...
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    The Sopranos - Final Episodes

    taken from another board, I really like this explanation... Originally posted by jennifera I got the answer.. I didn't write this, but it totally makes sense.. "from a guy in my office... He was killed.... in fact, the ending was genius if you've paid attention to the show or are...
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    the best summer of your life (2 parts House/ Tribal) Jon Jon & Kevin Harcourt

    As posted in the masterlist... Kevin and I thought it was due time we did a mix together. We did them seperately but you can also download them as one big chunk. A mix of house and drums all under the umbrella of summer. :) Download Here • Part 1 - jon jon (1 hour mix) • Part 2 -...
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    The Sopranos - Final Episodes

    hahah you're amazing, good work. Who remembers (2nd or 3rd season I think)AJ trying to decipher that Frost poem, and Meadow tells him that White can also symbolizes death AJ "I thought black was death" Meadow "So does white", "the long sleep" or something to that effect. FUCK THE...
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    The Sopranos - Final Episodes

    I think it's the other dude
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    The Sopranos - Final Episodes

    The more I think about it this scene solidifies Paulie's betrayal more than the botched hit. It feels very out of place for me, and it's the perfect setup for the audience to make sense of the switch over.
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    The Sopranos - Final Episodes

    well the problem with this is that the Goomar likes to sleep with someone who looks identical to her dad. UNLIKELY or very disturbing.
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    The Sopranos - Final Episodes

    bahahha could you imagine! (ps. Pine Barrens is on tomorrow on A&E)
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    The Sopranos - Final Episodes

    That would also give more weight to that strange episode (this season) with Tony/ Paulie in Miami, where Tony has his doubts about Paulie...
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    The Sopranos - Final Episodes

    Great insight, thanks. Ah yes, the horse, how could I forget. I have always noticed the animal connection in the show, but I always thought it was meant to symbolize the natural world, or the natural order/ hierarchy in life. (chain of command in mob, or just how life can be brutaly natural...