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    My house is built of records AKA I still buy em do you?

    It's time for me to get back on this train. Where do you folks buy the black stuff from these days? cds
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    Ubuntu 7.10

    Hotspot mobility? Does anyone know if they've fixed the wireless internet support. Under the 6.X versions Ubuntu would only accept one wireless profile. I have it installed on my laptop but as a result its virtually useless when I move from my home, to office to school, to cottage. I tried...
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    Justice X 2 Tickets

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    Justice X 2 Tickets

    Turns out we can't go. $60 (cost with all them fees) O.B.O. Email me at: cdseaman (at) graffiti (dot) net or PM
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    Canadians deserve better ISP transparency

    I totally agree. The problem is when one bleeds into the next as it does at the ISP level. A large enough ISP (like Bell or Rogers) is essentially THE way to access the internet. If they introduce QoS then they impact all users of the internet and effectively make a change to the...
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    once and for all, is downloading music legal in Canada?

    Careful. This is really not true. Everything from the copyright board that engages the position of downloading is "obiter". This means, musing and not actually germane to the issue at hand. No case has been brought forward on point with this question. It's unlikely there will be a case as...
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    Canadians deserve better ISP transparency

    Simply not true. Introducing QoS runs contrary to all the theories of net-neutrality that the Internet is founded on. If QoS is going to be introduced on the same network then it up to the providers to... provide. It is always within the ability of service providers to increase their hardware...
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    Black Diamond Momentum Rock Climbing Harness

    I'm not sure, it doesn't say on the harness, but I'm guessing large. Fit's me with a 34" waist. So I'm going to say 32-36 is likely it's range, maybe a little more.
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    Brand New Lake MX165 Bike Shoes

    Boy I forgot that in both posts, bad news. They're a 44. I'm normally a size 9 or 10 depending on shoes. These tend to fit small.
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    NIB Chaco Terreno Z2 in Cobra Color

    Ooops sorry about that. Size 9 mens. Cobra was a color from the past few years. It's essentially brown and tan. Vibram sole, again they've changed these slightly but it's very similar to the Unaweep.
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    Non-torrent p2p for music

    It explains why no one with half a brain is doing much work on it yes. Even though the product might be free and not aimed at making profits (which lets be honest even the free software is aimed at profits) the writers could still be held liable for damages. In addition, the problem has been...
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    Black Diamond Momentum Rock Climbing Harness

    In great condition. Used perhaps 15 times. http://www.mec.ca/Products/product_detail.jsp?PRODUCT%3C%3Eprd_id=845524442589537&FOLDER%3C%3Efolder_id=2534374302690983&bmUID=1184286387016 $30
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    Brand New Lake MX165 Bike Shoes

    Silver color, brand new, but the box is gone. Like these, but more silver than black. http://www.mec.ca/Products/product_detail.jsp?PRODUCT%3C%3Eprd_id=845524442618154&FOLDER%3C%3Efolder_id=2534374302692667 $130
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    NIB Chaco Terreno Z2 in Cobra Color

    These were a warranty replacement that I never ended up wearing. Pristine condition. http://www.chacousa.com/products/ProductOptions.cfm?cID=3&pID=2&gID=1 $90
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    Bolle Turbulence Sunglasses

    Just as described, in good condition, no major scratches just regular but mild wear. As pictured here: http://www.eyesave.com/styles/p511/index.aspx?referrer=Mercent&referrer=Mercent&Keyword=NexTag&mr:referralID=101276a2-bc53-404d-87b9-f5b1bf837b21 $40
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    LF Midi Controller

    I have the good old MAUDIO Oxygen 8 if you wanted something basic. Conrad
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    Siemens 4215 2.4GHZ Home Phone with Answering Machine

    Upgrading so this one is up for grabs. Great phone, speakerphone, expandable to 6 handsets. Digital answering machine in handset. Runs on rechargeable AA's so they're easy to replace if it starts to drop it's charge...
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    Pioneer DVD-S27

    2 Year old progressive scan dvd player. Region free, supports VCD. This was and is a great little entry level DVD player. We just have no need for it any longer. $50 obo. PM me, or cdseaman (at) graffiti (dot) net