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    SUPERHERO MOVIES - Reviews With Spoilers

    I was reading an article saying that this was to be Stan Lees last cameo (he's 94). It also said that the point of that scene was to tie together every cameo he ever made through all the movies as he was actually a watcher himself placed on Earth in various positions to keep an eye.
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    Deadpool was funny, cynical and best of all self aware. No spoilers from me but I think it is my favorite marvel movie. Fox did good (can't believe I just said that).
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    Star Wars : The Force Awakens

    I loved it. Will be seeing it again. Thoughts: Great intro to the new and sendoff to the old. I didn't see Han dying until he stepped on the bridge ---then I knew it was coming. Not happy about it but I guess it was a good way for him to go. I think we will get more light shed on the...
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    Looking for a custom dj setup/production station

    Hey there, Its been a while since the last thread on something like this. Is there anyone around here that still does custom dj tables/producer workstations? Does anyone have any leads on where I could find a person to build one for me? it would be for a complex setup though including...
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    https://www.facebook.com/mikkel88/videos/vb.1665702017/3576780152590/?type=2&theater Hope you can see this its awesome! 1970's avengers!
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    Dragon Age: Inquisition

    I am wrapped up in this game right now and its hands down the best RPG I have ever played. There is depth to the characters, intricate story lines, changing landscapes and so many fun side quests. I like the war room too which helps you in the game itself. One question: What would be the...
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    http://youtu.be/dOyJqGtP-wU HAHAHA Honest movie trailer.
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    So the freestylers are back in Toronto!

    Yes it was 5 years ago the last time Freestylers touched down in Toronto. Ive seen them since in other places but its been a while since the T-dot. Gonna be amazing been chatting with Aston he is really hyped.
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    RIP Taro

    I was crushed by this. Taro was a good friend and along with Larry we started the Make It Funky collective. We hosted a few fantastic shows together and remained friends for years after. Tim was always an amazing dj who taught me a lot about the craft when I first started out. He loved...
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    So the freestylers are back in Toronto!

    Was talking to Aston and told him how much the Toronto crowd loves the old school Freestylers and he blamed Matt for the electrohouse years lol. Looking forward to this one, I hope you old schoolers will drop in. How many of you are still checking in here? The breaks room seems like a ghost...
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    Ads breaking tribe?

    The last week or so when coming to the tribe site via TRIBE MAGAZINE or www.tribe.ca instead of seeing the site I get an ad for a jewelry store and a blank page. Only when hitting the back button does it go to the site. Sometimes I have to load 5 times before seeing the opening page.
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    Supernatural (tv show)

    Its back starting tonight!
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    Gotham The Jim Gordon Chronicles

    Last nights episode was decent. The Penguin continues to be the best character on the show.
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    Gotham The Jim Gordon Chronicles

    The one thing Im not too worried about is the fact that the villains are obvious. I say this because in the comics they were always obvious. We knew who was behind the crimes right away in most of the comics Batman was there to find them and stop them usually falling in some kind of trap he...
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    Gotham The Jim Gordon Chronicles

    will did you see the flash pilot? it was floating around on the web. I thought it was really good. I expected it to be garbage. As for Gotham last nights episode was my favorite so far. I cant recall where from but the weather balloon killer was straight out of the comics. Ive read that...
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    Gotham The Jim Gordon Chronicles

    Based on Batman Year One so far the show has really grabbed me. While the penguin is one of my least favorite bad guys, the show has really brought him to life and I'm really enjoying his scenes. Jim Gordon is doing a solid job so far but I wish he was a bit more gritty and not so teen pop...
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    The Palestine / Israel nightmare rages on, even on facebook

    Sorry but the argument is flawed here. What is wrong with your statement? Corporations buy up land in cities all over the world. You make it sound like we are in the 1950's and people are fearful that blacks are moving into the neighborhood (a ridiculous theory). The arabs in Israel live...
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    Teacher defends student from racist bullying and is promptly fired

    Its the USA. She will sue the board for wrongful dismissal and get an undisclosed settlement that will allow her to retire comfortably and the school board will close a school because the funding for it was paid out in the settlement.
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    Juicers! Anyone here into Juicing? (no not steroids)

    How much juice do they give you for $300 bucks? I was planning to do it myself. I think it will help me kick up the gardening bug that Im feeling and eat more healthy overall.
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    Juicers! Anyone here into Juicing? (no not steroids)

    Looking to buy a juicer but there are a ton of brands and a ton of different types. I understand that the dual gears are typically the best and definitely want cool pressed to maintain and expose all the nutrients. I am interested in your opinions and experiences with different juicers. As...