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    RIP Kenny Quinn aka pr0nstar on TRIBE.

    Rest in Peace good sir. :(
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    Banned and MIA Tribers

    Are you sure that was the correct Nub? Apparently there are two of us. His spectre has haunted me through several wemf events (2003-2005 if memory serves). I have yet to meet this elusive second Nub (my standing claim is to destroy him highlander style. I can't have someone else ninjaring my...
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    reCONNECTED-April 9th 2005

    First big party of 2k5 I second that. I felt like I was a youngin' again, and it was good. I forgot how much I loved techno and tech house.
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    Republican dirty tricks in Florida

    related http://www.democracynow.org/article.pl?sid=04/09/27/1435222 http://www.democracynow.org/article.pl?sid=04/09/27/1433241 (has to do with Arizona, but reeks of the same underhanded activities)
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    Kitchener restaurants and bars

    Ahh starlight. I've got a soft spot in my place for that heart. Great little club. I really want to steal one of those space-vison sets. They also sell strongbow. *genuflects* My hangover has interest run up from the weekend's festivities. I fully expect the grim reaper within the...
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    things called Mike?

    I feel so used! <== a Mike
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    The Krome Man Kometh !!

    sweet jesus! 'seems like a good excuse to head into toronto... just hope school isn't breathing down my neck at that point.
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    Aboriginal peoples day.

    :D (I didn't know we had our own day?)
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    a weekend to remember...

    1/2 and my weekend was still off the hook :D Laurent Garnier blew me away - I was nattering to my friends about it for days.
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    K-W blows ass

    Blow cambridge off the map! Sink it into the sea shoot it out into space There be dragons there! Waterloo might have been a decent place to grow up, but Cambridge was horrible. There wasn't nothing for us to really do besides cause trouble and head to kitchener for fun. Glad I left...
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    K-W blows ass

    yeah we were given hell on vidman's site about that. I couldn't make it out because of a small orbital tumor that I had removed earlier on in the day ;p I hadn't really known the night was being offered to tell the truth? I don't often browse that board, let alone that forum, so it sort of...
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    Is this really happening?

    as the french say: "woot!" -nub
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    London, Ontario

    Anything going on up there in 2 weeks? (march 12th weekend) Hoping to make a trip back up to them there parts for some rent stuff... be nice to have a reason to stick around ;]
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    Noam Chomsky Vs. Richard Perle

    perfect start to reading week!
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    Hawtin @ System

    Great night out on the town if I do say so myself. A lot of old faces showed up at system - that made my night all the sweeter. Richie's set went down nicely. It was my first time seeing him in action and he did not disappoint. (The birthday shots might have helped the transition from a...
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    Sylent Syd and Kidd Little rock the Purple Room!

    oh boy, another mike! ;p smooth operator: a crack hat is one of those bucket shaped hats that the breaks kids and junglists have become really fond of in the past few years.
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    Mauro Picotto OR Richie Hawtin

    I'm in the same situation... head to london to visit friends and see Picotto, or stick around in kw and make the trip to Toronto (sans cute friend).
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    Sylent Syd and Kidd Little rock the Purple Room!

    What a night :} I'm paying for it today (4 drinks and I'm hungover? whats that all about? I'm getting old!) Great seeing everyone out! I was doing good to keep my headache away until the house at the end of the night. I couldn't deal with it and had to jet. kudos to the fresh crew...
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    Merry Christmass Techno Forum

    Someone get on a streaming line later on and give me some techno to toast. I forgot my cds, my tapedeck and my camera in waterloo. Poop.