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    Farewell Kevin (R4V4G3D_SKU11S) :*-(

    Supporting someone who has such a problem is maddening. I know that anger too well,.... watching someone destroy themselves. Rage on because right now it is feeling something. Having felt that rage myself I can say it does change. Svetlana
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    Farewell Kevin (R4V4G3D_SKU11S) :*-(

    I am so saddend for your loss Sarah. No words can be said as such a time. Just know others, including me who hasn't seen you in 15 years, are thinking of you and your family. Svetlana
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    Whats with Salvation Army and Goodwill?!

    You should have called the city and found out what day furniture is picked up for garbage. You leave it on the curb that day and it is picked up
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    Canada Post "On Call" Drivers - $20/hour

    It requires a DZ license, and 2 years experience commercial/industrial driving I had my hopes up :(
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    Tuxedo Rentals in the downtown area?

    I worked in a tux rental place in highschool and we preferred customers coming ahead of time because we had to hem the pants to the proper length etc. Not sure if pants and sleeves are pre-sewed at certain lengths permanently for rental
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    Law School Question

    All the trades are in dire need of recruits Tool and die makers make the world what it is and they are all my dad's age and retired or retiring. There aren't enough to entering into that field and many others. I know so many unemployed lawyers
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    Saffron empty you PM box svp

    yay i can pick it up when you are free
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    Saffron empty you PM box svp

    please contact me when you do I have tried a few times to message you The power button doesn't work all the time and I need that remote :) thanks
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    Training/Education for Hairstylists/Colour Technicians?

    You get paid while you are apprenticing. And you are put on unemployment during the school sessions Why spend for the course when you can get paid to learn. Besides, no good salon would really want to hire people out of hairdressing school. They want to train you from scratch so that you...
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    Training/Education for Hairstylists/Colour Technicians?

    There is nothing more basic than starting an apprenticeship. The employer doesn't expect you to know much. You get your basic training to start there. DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY AT A HAIRDRESSING SCHOOL!!!!! Salons would rather train you from the start than break you of the bad habits you will...
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    Training/Education for Hairstylists/Colour Technicians?

    APPRENTICE! FIND A SALON AND DO IT THAT WAY YOU GET PAID RATHER THAN SHELLING OUT $5000 AND APPRENTICING AFTER ANYWAY (I did it that way and you learn from the best when you apprentice at a good salon Find a salon that is reputable and will take on apprentices. Once employed there, you...
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    Everyone is sick!

    Day 11 and I finally feel like the cough is almost gone
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    the elusive free pour

    Exactly I know plenty of bartenders who free pour once ounce. One did a test: 12 glasses, free poured one ounce into each in a row while drunk, and each measured an ounce. Free pour doesn't mean you are getting more at most bars.
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    Everyone is sick!

    Not yet They don't give it out until about November. The elderly etc. get it in October
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    Congratulations Kevin and Sarah!!

    Congratulations you two. I wish you only happiness in your future together. Sarah.........That is the best picture of you with a beer in your hand with you arm raised shouting.......... It captured you wonderfully :)
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    Happy Birthday KUL-KAT!!!!

    Happy birthday Kadina!
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    *Congrats Killalady!!!!*

    Congratulations!!!!!!!! Now your hair will probably grow super fast :D
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    servers for Bow and Arrow @ Davisville and Yonge for Oct.

    Can you do the smartserve through the bar or do they require it ahead of time? I know of bars that have done that
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    a question for tribe teachers

    There is always a need for science teachers. You have to check each individual university to see how many credits they require as a teachable if you are interested in secondary teaching. Some require 2 credits in each teachable while York for example requires as many as 6. Good luck
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    Back to school (or) work

    I am waiting and hoping to get into a supply teaching list.