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    i am buzzin'....parks and wilson.

    :o ah...oooo (try saying it teletubbies style) silly booking agents:p
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    one inch punch @ cream

    Nice One!! Kinda crappy we couldn't open the upstairs..but twas a good night regardless...Red Turtle kicked it up a notch, oooo that helicopter track is damn fine!!! Left too early to catch the back2back shenanigans of Ruby Jay and the man they call Turtle..be doin' it again next week...
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    Sasha's Fear of Panic Attacks

    Damn link fuct up!!! let's try the link thing again.... Article
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    Sasha's Fear of Panic Attacks

    Interesting article on the Airdwangger himself....my mom suffered from these, and I've witnessed first hand how these things fuck with one's mind.. Sasha Article sorry if this was posted already...but I've been out of the loop workin' hard for the past two weeks.
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    Aaron K - Proton Artist of the Week Mix

    Haven't heard it yet, but I know it's off the hook!!! Booyaka!!!! Aaron K - Toronto's best kept secret (not after this mix makes the rounds;)) After all the headaches...looks like you rolled it out proper. Way to go ...
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    Logical Progression*Tuesdays 6-8pm

    July 9th/2002 Server problems have kept us off air the past few weeks...the problems have been rectified, and we're ready to get our groove back on. So tune in, and don't miss out on some mouthwatering progressive goodness...part of a well balanced diet... Logical Progression Tuesday 6-8pm...
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    Logical Progression*Tuesdays 6-8pm

    July 2nd/2002 warning!!! warning!!! Tuning in to this show during periods of extreme heat, may cause one to sweat profusely....We get set to heat things up again (not that anyone needs any help today) on the Logical Progression show. New bits from Tony Thomas, Kluster and Phil Kieron to name...
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    South Korea score in the 88th minute...

    Ariva Derchi Italia It was hard not to make a call on that play, Totti rolled on the ground and placed his hands on the ball as if he expected a Peno...there was no way the Ref could've waved play on....Totti should think about becoming a Chef..mmm he makes good meals outta things:D...
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    IRELAND vs SPAIN !!!!! ... the official thread !

    sob! sob! We played a great game lads...by far outplayed the spanish over the 120 minutes....McCarthy shoulda taken Kilbane off instead of fuckin Kelly, who was workin' well down the wing. Then they let him take a Peno...ah well heads up lads...we're a young team, things can only get better...
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    Attn: All Irish Supporters !

    McVeighs Head to McVeighs Paddy!!! That's where I'm gonna watch it....good atmosphere...but no booze:( We'll save our celebrations for later in the day.... Given says he wants to take a Peno....if it comes down to it.. ...OLE, OLE, OLE, OLE O......LE.....O......LE!!! Sunday can't...
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    THE OFFICIAL THREAD !: Ireland beats Saudi... MAKE SOME F*$#ING NOISE !

    Ole, Ole, Ole... We are green, we are white... We are fuckin' dynamite.... On we go lads.....7:30 am Sunday Mornin' McVeighs Pub downtown....Who's there????? We'll meet the WINNERS of the Spain vs South Africa Match.... No worries:) GOOOOWWWWAAAAANNNN Ya GOOD TINGS!!!!!
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    Logical Progression*Tuesdays 6-8pm

    One Inch Punch Sessions That's right ladies and gentlemen....the DJ's of the One Inch Punch crew will be stopping by the studio over the next few weeks, to give ya'll a sneek peek at the kind of choons you'd be likely to hear if you were to attend one of their bumpin' events in Toronto, Canada...
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    Logical Progression*Tuesdays 6-8pm

    Dave Beggs- Alien Beats Giveaway tonite. It's Tuesday and that means another yummy edition of the Logical Progression show on twelveinch.com. On tonights show we have 4 copies of Dave Beggs, Alien Beats CD to give away. We'll be airing part of the mix live tonight on the show, so be sure to...
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    Logical Progression*Tuesdays 6-8pm

    We're back on air, after about a months hiatus, in the newly located twelveinch studios. Get your recommended daily intake of funky fresh upfront progressive muzak.. Live Tuesdays 6-8pm, archives up the next day. Check the twelveinch forum for weekly tracklistings.... It makes sense to...
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    post your top 5 time again...

    Top 5 1. FC Kahuna - Machine says yes - City Rockers 2. Luke Slater - Nothing at all(king unique mixes) - Mute 3. Faithless feat. Dido - One step too far(sister bliss mix) - Cheeky 4. CZR & ITO - Soiree - Sondos 5. Classified Project - Eyecatcher - Sadie *just can't get enough of this...
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    Sasha and Digweed - Das Kool Haus

    pics from S&D Hey woody... Those are some wicked pics, you think ya could e-mail me some pics of the stage set-up...fir me memories... Cheers Jay jasonmccourt@sympatico.ca
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    Sasha and Digweed - Das Kool Haus

    S&D Truly a memorable night... The music, the vibe, the visuals, the people...all top notch Place was packed..trying to dance for the first hour or so was frustrating...goddam it people stop walking around and start getting down... Pure Tribal madness when diggers was on deck...Sasha pounded...
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    My Latest 2002 Mix

    lexicon demo Where's the monkey song, aaron? Top notch mix, as always...good stuff, man!
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    Logical Progression...

    Logical Choice Special guests tonight for a back 2 back throwdown.. Aaron Koh & N1R {thevoids.com} alongside myself... All the fun one could ask for on a Tuesday evening, startin' at 6pmEST on twelveinch.com
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    Logical Progression...

    Logical Progression We're back at it again...Live from the twelveinch studios, inside the Electric orange, Another tasty edition of Logical progression.... Yummy new choons to drop from Humate, Umek and David Gausa..... So check the link, twelveinch.com Live Tonight from 6-8pm, or look...