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    Wemf 2003

    Here is an article I came across. Its an interesting perspective not that I really agree. My weekend was about chillin with good friends which was a mission accomplished!!! bEneath Much like that one t-shirt that you just can’t bring yourself to throw away, Destiny Production’s...
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    Judge Jules

    Bra girl started her antics pretty early in the night but I think her boy/dude was loving it! I had a wicked time but Judge Jules set was not exactly what I was expecting, but whatever still had FUN!
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    Drea's bday.. Sound of the Pirates

    I am bringing my dancing shoes out!
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    Strange Childhood Obsessions

    -garbage pail kids -jelly shoes and bracelets -transformers -stickers -biking around the block endlessly -Tiger Cats and for some freakish reason I always had to have corn meal porridge with water and heated in the microwave---YUCK!
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    Somethin that calms a soar, scratchy *cough* throat*cough*

    Drink plenty of rose Hip and Hibiscus tea, it can be sweetened with honey to sooth
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    I am in dispair

    kinda ironic suggestions after smiles's and the_fornicators reply:rolleyes: but you are right need to get some formal experience at something
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    I am in dispair

    bumbed =bummed syndrom=syndrome planing=planning thanks I needed the english refresher...too many years of French
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    I am in dispair

    Recently I have been all bumbed out, the after school is done syndrom. I graduated from University with Fine art and Art history. Yeepee, it gets you nowhere. So I went to college for interior design...the two of us did not get along but I completed the first year of the program. I have been...
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    whos the boss?

    do you really think Judith Light uses Proactive? Was she really a fat pimply teenager? These questions just burn in my mind
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    Why was industry shut down?

    oh the memories...if there is a reunion party I will be the first to buy my ticket
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    "favorite Simpsons moments" thread

    simpson When Nelson looks in the mirror and says" ehueh ehueh! Oooooh that hurts" thats just one of the priceless moments. Has anyone seriously looked at the implications that show has had on our generation?
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    What do y'all think of Galaxy Dance on channel 703 (Roger's Digital)?

    703 Day in Day out I have to listen to it at work, its very repetitive to the point when you know what time a song will be played. But occasionally they do throw in a good mix that restores your faith in it.
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    i now have a pet bunny named 'crunchy' !

    bunnies are so cute my friend just got one who thinks he is a cat, she lets him sleep on her pillow at night, but I am sure she is consuming lil turds that role down into her mouth:D ^ maybe you should go back and check the forest and see if he needs more carrots
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    my apartment why you should all go.

    guarenteed free drinks and an ass grab or ten but a good place to pound back the drinks before hitting a club
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    Art Gallery of Ontario question

    I believe the William Wagerman exhibit is still running , he does the photography of weimeraners (sp?) They are the best dogs! I think this show is a retrospect of fashion using the dogs as models
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    Does this ever happen to anyone? The jungle tapes that I hate the most grow to be my favorites. I will listen to it, put it away for awhile and come back to it, for it to never leave my tape deck. b
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    A dollar a minute put to good use for DJ Swamps 30 min set. This was my first time seeing him spin and he blew me away! Now for the rest of the night I spent my night in the breaks room as the jungle room was way too jammed for me to be able to get into the music and dance but from popping in...
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    ascention 13

    My view on this party is a little confused It was a weak party in comparison to the prior parties, such an unfortunate way to bang out the year. The good was so many familiar faces and so many of the great folks from Guelph On an aside, boys...was there and attendant wanna be in the washroom...
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    Ascension 12 - thanks

    Once again another great ascensions party. This time I convinced some of my jungle friends to come along and now they are hooked! Tehy can't get the trance off their stereo and the planing of the next one is in motion.
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    dj Czech in Guelph

    Last night was SWEET such a tight good vibe I was reluctant about the night seeing that is was held at Boo Radleys but it turned out to be perfect. Everyone got out on the dancefloor and boogied and Czech played such a great set, I loved the remix of the Eurethmics. It was such a great way to...