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    booze deliver in north york?

    does anyone know any companies that deliver in north york? I can't seem to find any. Any help is greatly appreciated :)
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    How long are you going to live?

    When it comes to how long a person should live... hmmmm schney schney
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    Afterhours booze delivery

    I have heard this exists. Anyone ever use it? Reviews, opinions? ...
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    Getting older and (not) making friends

    Here's the problem I have. As I've been getting older, what's become important for me during my free time is different from what my friends want to do. I want to do activities like basketball, ultimate frisbee, bike riding, bowling, etc. and my friends just want to eat, hang out, drink...
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    holiday ideas

    This holiday season I am done exams on the 16th. That gives me until january 4th before I start back at school again. From the 30th to the 1st i'll be in montreal ringing in the new year with a bunch of friends...But... that leaves me with two weeks of holiday fun in town. So... I was...
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    montreal nye what's on and what's good?

    seems like nothing is posted in the upcoming events section so does anyone know where is good to go in montreal this nye? I'm going with 20 diverse people so going to stereo is probably out of the question unless dj tiesto is going to be there (since he's a croud pleaser for those not...
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    i'm sure many people on here have chipotle stalker stories LETS HEAR EM!!!
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    if I gotta drink, what is the least fatening drink?

    SAKE i'm serious. Not a realistic drink for a bar though. gimme another round of sake.
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    much music awards after party

    Didn't bother getting free lee jeans but made sure i picked up the free beauty products courtesy of charles worthington. Met arcade fire, billy talent, howie b from the back street boys and others. Fun times but not much of a dancing croud as most were just standing in the middle...
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    acting classes in toronto

    i was interested in taking acting classes. I've taken acting for non-majors at york which was fun but was more interested in doing scenes instead of monologues. Any help is appreciated
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    looking sexy - guys

    ok to him a gino is anyone who is fit, attractive and dresses in style, as opposed to wearing whatever mom bought for you. He does not mean the hyper masochistic bull riding honda civic driving marketing student from shulich. Also, how do u tell someone they need to get the huge mole...
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    looking sexy - guys

    So what's the latest, you can look so sexy if you just buy this little outfit for guys. MOfo I know you're all over this one. Pictures are a must because us neanderthals who can't even spell neanderthal need visual stimulation, i mean photographic evidence. A friend of mine wants to...
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    Brazil's throwing a party and Condoleezza's not invited.

    too funny. imagine that, the u.s. and israel against any efforts to sabotage their geo-political hegemony under the guise of promoting peace and democracy. meanwhile, the u.s. occupies iraq, Israel occupies Palestine and both have the most technologically superior weapons capabiliites than any...
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    Manual for the Closested: How to get Converted. And Like it.

    ^^^^^^^^ certified by the snake himself
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    Pictures reveal BMW using child labour!

    beautiful post. post of the year
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    this is it right here!

    http://www.whensheshot.com/ my roomate tells me this one is better. i so not even close.
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    this is it right here!

    http://www.funnyheck.com/beatboxhar.html u need sound to view this properly. peace out homies. beat-boxing harmonica player
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    good books on mdma

    ^^^^^^^^^ that is funny for so many unpostable reasons on this board.
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    good books on mdma

    Any recommendations? Recent publications are best as research continues to reveal new information on drugs such as these. Or if you don't know any books but know of any good studies done that would be appreciated as well. Thanks.