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    What is Your Job

    Lawyer - divorce lawyer to be specific. I can't fix your broken heart. But I can litigate the bitch/bastard into wishing she/he had never crossed your path (if you can afford the retainer).
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    sunnyside ? anything going on there this weekend?

    Anybody know what the setup at Sunnyside will be for this party - like the Miguel Migs event, with the dj at the west end of the space - or like the Jellybean Benitez event last week, with the dj and dance 'floor' squeezed into the smaller area at the east end?
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    Miguel Migs at Sunnyside

    Great party! Gorgeous summer night - sweet beats - beautiful people. Migs threw down the funkiest shite. And I loved how the live percussionist-trumpeter contributed to the mix. Simply a fabulous night.
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    sunnyside ? anything going on there this weekend?

    Wow. Awesome indeed.
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    Lahey's shit analogies

    Gotta toss this out there: Trailer Park Boys is pure gold - clean and simple, the best show in the fucking history of television. :D Sure wish the boys would get back into production and give us some new episodes.
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    Joris Voorn

    Saturday night at Footwork. I'm expecting loads of sweet beats and good stuff from this Dutch master dj/producer.
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    Check. Damon is a great choice. Gorillaz is a wonderful creation, musically and visually.
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    Plump dj's

    I too have been waiting a very long time for a chance to see the Plumps. But I'm psyched out by all the negativity about This is London. I've never been. Is the venue really that bad?
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    underworld live review

    Double werd.
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    Underworld ticket at cost

    Got 1 if anybody needs.
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    Not sure if this is sold out yet but I've got 1 ticket at cost if anybody needs.
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    RIP David Foster Wallace

    So tragic. What a loss. I loved 'Infinite Jest', his masterpiece, written and published before he hit 35. Of the many subplots, one of my favourites features the incredible, hilarious and harrowing stories of the addicts and alcoholics at the alcohol/drug rehab centre. Must read this book...
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    For the Cyclists in Tribeland.

    From the annals of minor cycing setbacks in the big city: Last night riding home from work my rear tire exploded while I rode up Black Creek on the walkway going south at Lawrence. With uncanny precision and timing I managed to run over a roofing nail such that it was impaled to the hilt in...
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    Bikram Yoga

    Hope you don't mind a soulbrother joining this thread . . . . but trying out bikram yoga has been on my mind for yonks. I can see the benefits of working out in heat as an aid to flexibility and relaxation in holding the poses. And I'm aware of all the positives about yoga. Now, thanks to a...
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    A Discussion for Rock N' Roll Fans...

    Anyways, I agree with you that Buckley was brilliant singer. And an artist of the highest calibre. I think that's always been understood. But I feel like Brad Nowell has never received the respect he deserves. He had the chops as a singer and guitarist and songwriter, seamlessly fusing...
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    A Discussion for Rock N' Roll Fans...

    Jeff Buckley is not a rocker, more like folk innit. How bout Brad Nowell, late singer, songwriter, guitarist for Sublime, the rockinist ska band in history. Dude was the best rocker of the 90's (imo). And he died like a rockstar of a heroin overdose on May 25, 1996 at age 28. Tragic loss.
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    Nyc Nyc Nyc

    Hmmmm. . . . maybe we t.o. tribers should meet for a drink somewhere in Manhattan. So happens I too be in NYC this weekend . . driving to Buffalo on Sat morning, flying from there into JFK about 12 noon. Plan to hit Yankee Stadium for Sunday's game. Monday morning I'm back on the plane. So...
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    FS: Behringer djx700 mixer

    I'm upgrading (to the Korg Zero4!) and need to sell this mixer. Bought at Play de in summer 05. Used only in my studio. Fully functional, without scratches or blemishes. Sells new at Play de for $329.00. Selling here for $125.00. This is a decent starter mixer with fx and bpm display.
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    For the Cyclists in Tribeland.

    Here is my fast bike.
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    For the Cyclists in Tribeland.

    I've got the fast bike, built for speed on a good road surface. Of course what I need is the luxury of a second (slower) bike, an all-terrain cruiser suitable for bouncing off curbs or bumping over trails in all weathers.