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    Bad Rave Drugs?

    The funniest thing about that hypothesis is that mephedrone aka methcathinone has just hit Toronto HARD in the last month or so. I guess Nuit Blanche / Tiesto was the canary. It comes in white too! Read all about it at www.tripproject.ca.
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    Help TRIP! Celebrate our 15th Anniversary

    The TRIP! Project was born in 1995 out of a need for appropriate drug and sex information within the Toronto rave scene. The act of partying often meant using drugs, and for some, being promiscuous. These activities, on their own as well as together, had the potential to put people at risk for...
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    Bad Rave Drugs?

    Sounds like it was probably methcathinone. Went to a Crystal Meth Coalition meeting and mentioned it and a bunch of people called it right away saying that it had more hallucinogenic properties than regular meth. Wikipedia mentions nothing of this. I suspect it was a bad batch, but I wonder...
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    Calling all Volunteers!

    Wow thanks for the interest guys! For some reason I thought that if I were to post this on TRIBE that I would get a range of cynical responses. It's great to know that there are still folks out there that are passionate about helping their community, even if it is different than what it was 15...
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    Calling all Volunteers!

    Know a lot about safer partying? Want to learn? Want to educate others and volunteer at parties? Get involved with TRIP! The TRIP! volunteer training involves a 4 week course (spread across 4 Saturdays, 12-6pm and Wednesdays 6-9pm) and features workshops on various topics related to harm...
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    Ketamine: Kommunity Discussion

    Curious what came of that Ketamine Survey TRIP! conducted last year? We're geared up present to you a snapshot of how we, as a community, are identifying with Ketamine. This community discussion will include an overview of the survey results, plus information like how Ketamine works in the...
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    Focus Group - Guide to Safer Threesomes

    Oodles-- incredibly, undeniably MASSIVE amounts of money. You'll never have to work another day of your life! That sweet casa on 500 acres of untouched rainforest in that tropical country you visited last year -- start packin'! Those new wheels -- you deserve it! The extended wardobe for...
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    Focus Group - Guide to Safer Threesomes

    Threesomes+ focus group - extension FYI - we've extended the date on this focus group, which will now be held on TUESDAY JUNE 27th, at 7pm. If you are interested, please call TRIP Headquarters at 416-703-8482x125.
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    Focus Group - Guide to Safer Threesomes

    Three times the pleasure? Three times the fun? TRIP is working on a ‘Guide to Safer Threesomes’, in efforts to minimize the transmission of sexually transmitted infections when fucking around. TRIP is looking for partyers to provide input and feedback in this current stage of literature...
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    Project Assistant for SOY

    no, that's got to be a mistake. A position like that would make about $18/hr. Looks like they forgot the '1'. Heck, here at the Queen West Health Centre we pay our peer workers $10.40/hr...
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    Tai Chi

    You can check out a tai chi class at Golden Harmony Kung Fu at 895 Yonge St (just north of Davenport on the east side). Beautiful club to train in, great instruction, and the first class is free. visit http://goldenharmonykungfu.com for details. Or, at the Queen West Community Health...
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    Coffee Time? Coffee Thyme? Coffee Place? Donut Time? WTF?

    ahahha i was totally thinking the same thing! YOU ARE NOT ALONE.
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    we made a video!

    There are lots of VJ and video art forums online...I would recommend Audiovisualizers, and not just because i work there ;) You can also read more at VJCentral
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    Tribe Poker Thread

    I just got back from this
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    new-ish jeff milligan (algorithym) videos

    hey does this mean that the vinyl shrapnel from his hissy-fits some years ago might actually be worth something some day?? :o ehehe
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    new-ish jeff milligan (algorithym) videos

    nice.. hard to find among all those lower case letters tho ;)
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    Tea combinations

    forget teabaggin ;) just run a claw of ginger through your juicer, add a couple tablespoons to a mug of hot water and VOILA! The bestest, strongest ginger tea you've had in your life! You can add sweetener to take the edge off, if you can't HANDLE IT..
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    you're all dinks. :rolleyes:
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    The what are you reading thread?

    Who would have thought that watching clay dry would be so facinating? 'Time' by Andy Goldsworthy (Environmental Sculptor) Actually managed to snag this one from the library...its the only one of his books that isnt in the Reference library. If you havent seen his artwork, or read about it...
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    16 young offenders arrested for sexually assualt at GTA high school

    what is 'nowadays' anyway? When i was in grade 7 (15 years ago?), a group of my friends were sexually assaulted at knifepoint over an extended period of time (several months). Eventually the guys were busted, as one of the girls came forth and spoke about the assaults. Quit blaming 'the...