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    ...Anyone still here?

    Actually, this is Joshua. Tony was Syntax Error on here and we used to work together. :) Randomly thought about this place and wondered what people are up to. Anyone still making music? What are you in to these days?
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    ...Anyone still here?

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    What is the sluttiest thing you've ever done?

    I use Tinder for dating, and I've met a lot of cool people. I think it's a brilliant idea, and it's fairly easy to meet people. I use it a lot, especially since OKC has gone to shit in the last couple of years. It's kind of like an online version of meeting someone at a bar or on the street...
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    Heroes looks promising

    Heroes Reborn: 2015 | Video | Heroes | NBC
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    Date Suggestions

    Well then! Thanks for all the suggestions, theres a tonne of great stuff here. To be honest, way better response than I was expecting. For the record, this is a second date. On our first date we ended up accidentally getting hammmmmered. We had a great time, but agreed that a non-drinking date...
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    Date Suggestions

    Can anyone recommend a good date idea that: A) Does not involve drinking B) Is fun and not cliche like the ROM or AGO C) Doesn't suck ? Dating in the summer is so much easier; in the winter I feel like it is really hard to find something cool to do that doesn't involve drinking...
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    Alleged 1980's hash dealer to run for leadership of Ontario PC party

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    Amusing/Strange/Random Pictures

    Actually, I think it's Bender's shiny metal butt.
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    Doctor WHO

    Well... That episode was pretty fantastic.
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    Used Bike Shop?

    @WSW: Thanks! @SB: I'm not really sure, as I haven't owned a bike since I was a kid. I'm looking for something pretty simple (but not a fixie) that I can use for general transportation around the city. Doesn't need to be fancy or look pretty, but I would like one that isn't going to fall apart...
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    Used Bike Shop?

    Looking to buy a used bike, and would really like to avoid the chance of buying a stolen bike. Can anyone recommend a reputable store in Toronto? Preferably something downtown. Thanks!
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    Toronto police officer charged with murder in streetcar shooting

    A) He was wandering around yelling at himself and flailing his arms. I would hope that the police would stop someone like that to question them. In this case he was obviously highly unstable and violent, carrying a knife, etc. This is clearly someone who was a danger to themselves and others and...
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    When raccoons attack

    Does anyone know the story behind this?
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    Mass text

    I don't understand why everyone that goes to that highschool is in their 30's.
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    Yasiin Bey undergoes Guantánamo force feeding procedure

    "Intravenous" means "into the vein". If you were to pump liquified food into someones vascular system, the food would not make its way to their digestive system. It would kill them. I'm not a doctor, but I'm fairly certain that coma patients are fed using a very similar method as the one used...
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    Yasiin Bey undergoes Guantánamo force feeding procedure

    Pumping liquid food into someone intravenously would not be humane, it would be murder.
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    Toronto's Rising Waters

    Yeah, gotta say after watching that video I'm not sure why you guys are all up in arms about people leaving the train. I think I might do the same thing. And the woman you can hear in the background saying that they should go tell on them for leaving is a moron.