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    teebee mayhem

    It's called "Between The Sun & Jupiter." -JP
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    teebee mayhem

    New Zealand's Concord Dawn. Track called 'Morning Light' released not too long ago on Timeless. Watch out for the remix by Klute. Sick tune. "Please don't cry....in the morning light!" -JP
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    teebee mayhem

    Ya seriously! I'm surprised Teebee didn't grab the mic and corrected for the record! :D -JP
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    teebee mayhem

    Don't think he really plays 'Severed Dreams' nowadays. As far as 'Liquid Light' goes, he said his copy's worn out and skips a lot; also wouldn't have been worth to drop it last night seeing as most of his dubplates were skippin. -JP
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    teebee mayhem

    It was Ruckus that played that tune as his last, and the actual name is "Sound Advice". :) -JP
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    teebee mayhem

    ^^ Not too sure how I know all these tunes. Mind you last night Teebee filled in quite a few blanks from Future Prophecies. -JP
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    teebee mayhem

    As if Cause 4 Concern at Surface Friday night and the V Legends at Mayday's comeback Saturday night weren't enough, RINSE Magazine alongside Mad Bar bring in one of the most talented and brilliant producers all the way from Norway: the one like TEEBEE! Not only is he a competent dj but he also...
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    Jumpin Jack Frost

    Mayday & V's 'The Next Level' After a lengthy 3 year hiatus, the infamous Mayday Productions makes its impeccable return with 'The Next Level.' In conjuction with one of UK's most unique label, V Recordings, who better to bring in other than the V legends themselves: Jumpin' Jack Frost, Bryan...
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    Cause 4 Concern @ Surface

    BSE has a tune called 'Bomb Run', but so does )E|B(, totally different tune. ;) -JP
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    Cause 4 Concern @ Surface

    Following their premier event a couple months back, Eastern Bloc brings in another pleasant treat for the Toronto heads: the long-awaited debut of Cause 4 Concern. Having been around for a good 3 1/2 - 4 years in the scene, C4C has reached peak recognition and causing some significant stirs in...
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    V/Mayday Venue Sneak Peak!!!!

    Formerly known as the 'Other Room' no? -JP
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    Keep your ears peeled, I've read somewhere that it's actually being released real soon on Infrared. -JP
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    tune ID

    Check this link for the tracklisting of that set. http://forum.breakbeat.co.uk/forum/topic.asp?TOPIC_ID=20332 -JP
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    Syrous 9 Year

    It was only a matter of time before the most pretigioius promotion company made its long-awaited return after a year's hiatus from their birthday gatherings. (of course not including 'Bittersweet') No other drum & bass DJ could best represent a Syrous 9 Year Anniversary other than the True...
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    Exactly! He's all about tunes. -JP
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    Soulseek user names

    <------- FiletOSole for all your drum & bass fix! (mostly sets) -JP
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    Forum's back up now, start the ruckus! -JP
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    end of summer

    Refer to post above. :) Sorry, I usually only have enough room on the back of my smokes for the headliner's setlist. :D -JP
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    end of summer

    I bootlegged a set once, and it came out sounding like total shit so never bothered again. :D But yes that list is 100% correct. Like Dr. Grinch said, both tunes were dropped by Marcus right before the President. Besides, I don't think Andy C ever drops 'Shake It' anymore, and he's...
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    end of summer

    Thanx. -JP