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    FS: 3 Tickets to Daft Punk in Montreal @ Face Value

    I've got three tickets for Daft Punk (with The Rapture, Sebastian, and Kavinsky) at the Bell Centre in Montreal on August 7th, 2007. Tickets are in Section 114, Row K, and are in-hand in Toronto. I'm not trying to make a profit, so I'm asking what I paid for them: $71.90 per ticket...
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    The Youtube thread

    Kramer and Mr. Open Mic night can both learn a lesson on how a real comedian unprofessionally loses his shit on the audience: Bill Hicks vs. "Freebird" Bill Hicks vs. "Drunk Cunt"
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    Western apathy

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    Nobody cares...

    holy shit, me too!
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    Nobody cares...

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    The Youtube thread

    David Caruso TV Carnage
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    A brand brand new picture thread. (with pics)

    Where is this? Nice pics!
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    I'm a Manther

    i see what you've done there
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    need to borrow: bowling shoes, bowling league shirt, bowling bowl

    try the bowling complex on third
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    Interesting variation on a tired con

    well, that's just like, your opinion man
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    Galactically Stupid Purchase Decisions

    Normally one or two euros was enough to make them go away. One person I traveled with inexplicably gave them 10 euros, and has never heard the end of it. He also then comically lost the 10 euro bracelet in a drunken mess in Venice.
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    What the hell are you listening to?

    i'm from barcelona - we're i'm from barcelona i can't stop singing it to myself, so i might as well listen to it
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    Galactically Stupid Purchase Decisions

    Don't worry, Senegalese Parisians seem to have some supernatural ability to swindle tourists. My friend fell for the "stick you thumb out!" bracelet routine and ended up paying 10 euros.
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    Nobody cares...

    ha..although we don't pay for water, and certainly aren't going to give him $1700 for normal usage of water then again, we are running a meth lab
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    Nobody cares...

    Great, thanks. :) My landlord has tried to insinuate that mine and the apartment next door are somehow responsible for a $1700 water bill. I suspect something is getting lost in translation from Greek.
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    Nobody cares...

    Can someone give me a ballpark figure on their monthly water bill? House, apartment, whatever.
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    I just bought a PS3 for $9000!!

    One console isn't going to be enough this weekend
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    I just bought a PS3 for $9000!!

    i predict this trend will one day be incorporated into a plot of law & order: svu
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    I just bought a PS3 for $9000!!

    I'm clearly wealthier than you, as I just paid $10,000
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    Who's Camping out for a PS3?

    $10k for a 60gb on ebay My co-worker just found out he got his 30 seconds ago and screamed across the office.