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    Art people help!

    I used to work for 1800GOTJUNK back in the day, and often came home with lots of nice, interesting stuff. Sold most of it @ various antique shops and furniture store right away, but for some reason I decided to hold onto a particualr watercolour in a sleeve that also had some black @ white...
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    Domestics in the apartment above/below/across from you?

    What would you/have you done? The new couple that moved in above me with a toddler-aged daughter are having a shit show right now. My building is a 3 storey 9 unit building and pretty old so I could hear everything.. he's drunk, angry, and chased her around each floor. She's sobbing...
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    2 IBM 19' CRT Monitors + Intel P4 2.0GHz Tower combos

    I have two desktop/monitor combos.$250 each combo Includes all cables, keyboard/mouse, and an installed copy of WIN2KPro with CD. Will deliver in the GTA, as well as anywhere along the 400 up to Barrie. email Rob crazedcanuckAThotmailDOTcom $250 each combo IBM G97 Black 19"...
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    Help me become a slave (drive)

    I'm banging my head against the wall here, so a first I have 1 question to clear things up to start. #1. Do the Master drive and Slave drive HAVE to be on the same IDE cable? The master has it's own single connection IDE straight from the motherboard, as does the floppy A drive...
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    Thank You Lori Kane.

    In the spring my Dad arranged a meeting for my mom (less than 1yr removed from breast cancer treatment) with LPGA Pro Lori Kane @ a tournament. The LPGA recently posted about it on their site as my Dad wrote in about the experience. Lori Kane -for the fans
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    100 players you love to hate

    The underachiever who always looks uninterested. The loudmouth who complains from Day 1. The choker who lets his team down when it matters most. These are the players who drive their fans nuts. In honor of these boo magnets, I set out to find the 100 players most hated by their home fans...
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    Canada's next World Baseball Classic team??

    With the emergence of Russel Martin this yr, the continuing evolution of Erik Bedard, and the current AL MVP Justin Morneau, I got to thinking about how our country is churning out some elite talent. I think we might have enough to make a splash on the international stage next major event...
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    Help - Windows Live Mail

    So I did the upgrade from my old genereic hotmail account to the windows live, and now I can't copy/paste items into the body of the message. It's pissing me off something fierce, any suggestions?
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    1996 Pontiac Sunfire $800 - as is uncert

    Teal/Green 2door coupe with spoiler 136,110 km Has AC, automatic, engine runs great but needs work to certify. It's been old lady driven by my grandmother until a few yrs ago, mostly small city driving, kept up with all maintenence, and recently put a new battery and starter in it...
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    Photography/Camera help.

    I've got a Canon Powershot S3IS, and need to take a basic headshot of my dad for his author shot. (he just got his book published) Problem is the shot needs to be 300 DPI, and every pic I take comes out as 180 DPI. The manual doesn't shed any light on wtf to do, and I'm ready to throw the...
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    To channel 7. City TV is playing it right now, nice way to finish off my night...... Weird seeing Katie Holmes pre-scientology arm-accessory.
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    1996 Pontiac Sunfire - uncertified

    Teal/Green 2door coupe with spoiler 137,000 km It's been old lady driven by my grandmother until 2 yrs ago, mostly small city driving, kept up with all maintenence, and recently put a new battery and starter in it. I'm taking it into the garage tomorrow after work for a summary of what...
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    Landlords and Comedians...

    http://funnyordie.com/v1/view_video.php?viewkey=3efbc24c7d2583be6925 I want my money bitch!!
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    Need a Fantasy Manager for NHL 07/08 dynasty team

    I'm in a Dynasty Hockey league that is drafting right now (they are a long process as you draft a major and minor league team.) We are in the middle of our dispersal draft and have had a manager step down and of course need a replacement. You must assemble a player roster that fits under our...
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    Free Raptors & Leafs TV!!!

    baconpan I was frustrated that I was going to miss another Raptors game tonight, so I was on the cusp of giving in and forking over some cash. To my suprise, they have a 3 month promo on a sports package that includes ESPN Canada, something else, Leafs TV and Raps TV. It's normally $9.99...
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    Copying a DVD to my HD??

    I've got a lot of HD space, and a decent DVD collection. I've only got a basic DVD drive, no burner and want to backup my discs as friends often borrow, lose, damage my stuff. What is the best way to go about copying them?
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    Office Pranks.

    So, I work for a company with a new initiative called "Service From The Heart". They asked everyone on each team to submit a picture, or piece of writing explaining/expressing what the slogan means to them. I sent in the animated gif from my supervisor's email with the caption "the...
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    Who's to blame for stupid fans??

    I know a lot of the problem is people have varied levels of interest in sports, so everyone's IQ is different, but the rampant stupidity in sports forums, radio shows, etc astounds me. For example on another TRIBE-esque board I'm on, a Yankees fan was lamenting A-Rod's post-season play and...
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    Family Law - Father's Rights??

    I'm in need of a lawyer with experience in helping fathers obtain full or partial custody of their children/stepchildren. I haven't had much luck with the resources I've been able to turn up, so I thought TRIBE might be able to help. Thanks, Rob
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    Jules Winfield - Junior Hockey Coach

    Chris Chelios walks down memory lane. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E8s6aid04pw