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    DJ RUSH @ Sona January 18th

    10 years ago? Ive heard soo many people say theyve grown out of THAT PHASE. Fuck that i say!!! The beatz STILL NEVER LEAVE MY HEAD!. Thank god for 15yeas of techno
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    TECHNO! What happened?

    Many years ago techno came into my life. Now that im old, and considerd retired from my former life of a techno JUNKIE. . . . . . WHAT DID IT DO TO MY BRAIN? I heard an old Dave Angel cd (yes cd, not mp3, i pod, cassette, 8 trak :)) named 39 FLAVOURS OF TECH FUNK and my body started twitch'n and...
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    Cube the movie.

    The bigger the spliff, the better the movie. Definatley WACKED! \ GRj
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    The Neil Young appreciation thread.

    "4 dead in O-hio" Really glad to see Im not the only one. He just has so much feeeling in his songs. GRj
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    Columbia is the world's biggest producers of both Coffee and Cocaine........ addictions suck!
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    It's Skirt Season

    The only reason why I like winter so much is because skirt season follows right afterwards! mmmmmmmmmmmm mini skirts! :) GRj
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    Boundaries on Drug use...

    You can't become addicted until you first start with the recreational use, then the habitual use.......its all down hill from there IMO. A = GRj
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    Speedy J

    Why goosebumps? I was not there, nor did I know anyting about it. But reading the reviews just showed me that you can run (from what you LOVE) to but you can't hide (from the feelings that you crave). I am shivering from the damn goosebumps because I just lived that night precariously through...
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    wts...Laurent Garnier!

    Even I will get there for this ;) GRj
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    Golfers of Tribe

    You know what sucks the most, when you finally start hitting BOTH your Irons and Woods perfect, $10 says you'll putting will go to shit! Thats why golf is so addictive...............alwayz hutting the perfect game, or perfect rush. GRj
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    Nobody cares.

    Hey I bought a new Plow (yes snow plow) for my truck this year....................stupid global warming! GRj
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    TECHnobody cares.

    Da grunj is still fairly alive! GRj
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    lansdowne & bloor area

    Yeah its pretty BAD!
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    Chris Liberator = happy pants

    Not exactly my cuppa tea, but when i saw him last, he was quite good in what he did. Someone is gonna have fun. GRj
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    Shoot-outs in hockey?!

    Personally I think they SUCK! Its just not "HOCKEY" to me. I would rather see a tie, well I would rather see them play sudden death, but its not realistic in the regular season. Its like the hockey game (team sport with 20ish guys on each side) ends, and a completely different game (a...
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    Things i need to know...

    The absolute best times I have ever had skiing were @ Mt. Washington (50 + dayz), especially off the very top (slight trverse) down the chute and into the deep ma fucken powder!
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    Chris Liberator

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    When the fuck is Speedy J and Mills coming back??

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    How do you work out your bum?

    lots and lots of techno ;) ! or sundayz @ comfort zone
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    Island Foods!?!?

    Roti Hut @ McOwan and Pitfield has THE best roti in the city!