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    The eternal MMA thread

    I missed the countdown to UFC on spike....anyone know where I can watch a streaming replay?
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    The eternal MMA thread

    I watched the fight streaming off SOPcast. Probably not good for you today but good for future reference. 1) Download SOPcast from www.sopcast.org/download for free 2) Start up the SOPcast and put sop://broker.sopcast.com:3912/24267 in the address 3) Wait for the stream to buffer and there...
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    Free Message Board Hosting Site

    Just wondering if anyone can recommend a free message board hosting site?
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    Clearly nothing for Vancouver

    try www.fnk.ca for a more local flavour
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    The Eternal Vancouver Buy and Sell thread!

    Pull out sofa bed (2 - Seats) - $499 Heya anyone wanna buy a pull out couch? Two seat pull out sofa/couch bed - $499 - Has not been exposed to smoke or pets - Buyer is required to pick up upon purchase (in Kits) Approximate Dimensions: Length - 77in or 195cm Width - 34in or 86cm...
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    The eternal MMA thread

    Just saw a few of the fights....Macdonald vs Leban was probably the one I was most interested in. Good to see the athlete choke him out good! But i think he'll definetly need to work on his stand up if he is to go anywhere in the middle weight division. As for the Arlovski fight, I just...
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    Darren McCarty goes broke

    Thought this happened last yr?
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    Clean Air Act?

    Rona ambrose looked as though she had a hard time believing her own words. http://www.thestar.com/NASApp/cs/ContentServer?pagename=thestar/Layout/Article_Type1&c=Article&cid=1161253812411&call_pageid=968332188492&col=968793972154 Emissions goal decades away Proposed law makes no...
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    Commuting.. from burnaby to van.

    If you need to get to Van by transit then Burnaby is as far east as you want to be.....if you want a relatively cheap price point that is stil relatively close...I'd look in new west and richmond.
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    The eternal MMA thread

    It's funny how Tim Silvia is wearing his belt while sitting in the crowd. :D
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    coin-op carwash! WTF?!

    Only one i know is in Burnaby beside royal oak skytrain station....it one of those with the foamy brush and wax.
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    The eternal MMA thread

    Beyond the blood in the Stevenson fight...the rest of it was quite the bore. Shamrock was spanked by Tito and Arlovsky seemed hesitant to engage silvia....perhaps afraid to be knocked out?
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    Fugly Celebs

    A better shot....
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    Nacho Libre

    He had a sidekick....funnier than him in the movie...but only marginally.
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    Nacho Libre

    Saw it.....stoned....and did not laugh except for the parts in the commercial.....I wouldn't even recommend this as a rental. This is my new #1 shitty movie.
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    Harmony Airlines

    Two words....FREE WINE!
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    The Real June Events Thread

    Where can I get tix for Seu Jorge?
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    MMA Torrent Link?

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    MMA Torrent Link?

    Hey just wondering if anyone knows of good mma torrent links or any quick vid links...was watching on youtube b4 they were taken off....i remember one being in the eternal MMA thread but can't seem to find it...any helpd would be appreciated
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    thai fisherman pants...

    I think they call them Farang pants in Thailand :D