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    wtf happened last night?

    do you ever have one of those nights where the wake up the next day with shattered pieces that you don't really want to put back together but you ask anyway.... this is a thread to drop some of that shrapnel. for me, last night was fairly uneventful but I have two questions this morning from...
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    the message of the electric light...

    check out this interactive installation
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    beer pong

    in reading this month's wired feature on youTube I learned that there are 159 videos of "people doing tricky beer pong hits".. what is this "beer pong"? It looks like a drinking game... a cross between ping pong and basketball...two of my favourite sports...but i've never played before...have...
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    increase your vocab with words that rock...

    cacophony definition: loud confusing disagreeable sounds wordnet.princeton.edu/perl/webwn Cacophony - Sounding badly, antonym to harmony. From the greek word kakophonia - kakos (bad) + phoni (voice, sound) en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cacophony Cacophony is a US thrash metal band...
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    balletic landmines of colour

    check out this Sony ad.... http://www.bravia-advert.com/paint/thead/ ...and especially the behind scenes... its unbelievably not CG!
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    weekend warrior -- fight for your right

    ...a GI cuddle puddle. It was neat to hear someone from Toronto call in and report for duty as part of Eddie's army on his BBC broadcast this week... when you go out... do you use military sayings... like "let's rally the troops" ? Not sure where i'm going with this thread so please...
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    freestyle ddr ( dance dance revolution )

    I did a search "ddr" and it came up empty... I'm sure I've seen ddr threads... do I need to make it all caps? hmmm.... anyhoo... do you know any tribers that are any good at ddr? post pics Are there any decent drr places downtown? I could watch You Tube freestyle DDR videos all...
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    I did a search "ddr" and it came up empty... I'm sure I've seen ddr threads... do I need to make it all caps? hmmm.... anyhoo... do you know any tribers that are any good at ddr? post pics :D Are there any decent drr places downtown? I could watch You Tube DDR videos all day...
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    MESH this americanapparel ad reads: "erica is wearing our new micro-mesh bodysuit" she most certainly is ....she has also has on these great knee socks... can someone please scan and post this ad? google search turns up crap like this: the AA one looked good though.... on...
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    Figurines @ horseshow

    The Figurines are definitely one of my favourite bands that I've heard this year.... they're a little quirky and a lot of fun... the show at the horseshow was kinda small -- so perhaps not too many people know about them so have a listen and hopefully you can catch them next time...
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    swimming with sharks

    have you ever swam with sharks? cool or scary expereinces? this is kinda neat -- They're trying to mate whale sharks in Georgia!1! http://www.georgiaaquarium.org the doods from jackass swam with whale sharks with shrimps in their skibbies...awesome.
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    What hook is skipping through your head?

    "I don't want nobody... I don't want nobody baby... I don't want nobody..." ...but you i love it everytime Sydney Blu drops that track.... just saw a commercial for it on Mc Mario Mix Down v6 though... I'm sure she doesn't play that version though and...
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    advice: connecting on the dancefloor

    a friend of mine is going through the withdrawls of being too shy on the dancefloor. He had ample opportunity to say something ( <-- great James track) to the ladies that kept darting in and out his personal space... Where these girls just enjoying the comfort of dancing with a guy who they...
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    brazilian bus bike

    cool concept -- featured in this month's wired. www.busbike.com
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    english style dress code

    so tribe stylists... what can we wear to This is London... what is an english style code all about? are any trainers included in the English Style? I really can't see myself wanting to go dancing in loafers.... but I'm in my blazer years... so I'm covered from the waist up.... what...
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    pimp my brand

    This is poster for the Art Directors Club (NYC) Do you find it offensive? read Steve Heller's article titled Exploiting Stereotypes: When Bad Is Not Good Personally, I hear what he is saying about stereotypes but the poster seems pretty spot on referencing a major trend in marketing...
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    Kenny @ PAAEEZ

    the evening started with a few drinks at my computer but I wasn't quite drinking alone as I was catching up with a friend in Montreal on Collab -- imagine if Tribe supported web cams and collaborative drawing? or even drunk>english translations... Anways, solo drinks didnt last for long as I...
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    and that was a gigantic whoops... but I'll keep it up there for drunken prosperity trying to bump skipper's mix thread.
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    First Name!

    SWITCH so difficult to search for a skipper mix when you forget to limit it to the dj mix thread ... duh.