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    drunks of tribe: booze trolley $40

    hey you drunks: just in time for that knock-down, drag out end of summer booze-fest you were planning. this handy cart can hold all your: booze mix and garnish glassware unmentionables and more! beautiful styling matches any decor. plus handy wheels for fast get-aways. act now and...
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    knockout the fat! now mp3 ready!

    The futuristic design of this indoor/outdoor grill is the first thing you’ll notice, but then you will see that the slim, curved base is actually made for music. With a built-in speaker and MP3 capabilities, it is quite the luxury grill! • Perfect for parties, this indoor/outdoor electric...
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    hey! any one speak finnish? i need a lil translation

    i am creating some wedding invitations for friends of mine, and part of the deal is a finnish version. most of the invite has been translated, but i am missing a word or two. to start, i need this translated to fin: 'reception immediately following' or just 'reception' would be cool...
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    Cmon N Ride It - i wanna party bus!

    hey tribe, i need a bus. say i had 12 to 20 friends that wanted a night of tasty debauching. say we wanted to go bet on the ponies in mississauga and be able to drink ourselves into stupidity without any concern about stumbling home. anybody? hook it up!
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    rogers cell phone needed

    so i was riding to work through cracktown, and i did not notice that my cell phone had jumped from my pocket. the nice lady behind me let me know that it had fallen, but in the 2 minutes it took me to get back to dundas and sherbourne my phone had already been pawned for crack. so now i am...
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    two 11-day CNE passes PLUS parking pass - $40

    good all day, every day at the EX until September 3rd. parking pass works in both public and vendor lots. see the lego tower grow! hang out with baby goats! taunt the carnies! eat really small donuts! the catch is that i am leaving town at 9.30 on friday night, so if you want to grab these...
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    do you have a wii for me?

    hiya. i want a wii. please sell me a wii. free tasty sandwich for the right wii. all wii considered, i am not prejudiced.
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    dishes: corelle hearthstone chili red 4 settings $20

    heya. i actually won these in a contest 'cause i am extra smart and extra trivial about canadian history. who knew? i just didn't dig them, maybe you will? whatever - i am cheaper than ikea. anyways- a next-to-new set of corelle chili red hearthstone dinner wear with box. 4 dinner...
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    queen & gladstone good eats?

    i always eat at the beaver cafe or the cadillac lounge, and i have ignored everything else around there. it is a late lunch | early dinner kinda deal; we are looking for a place that won't be packed and stupid for a new years pre-launch fuel up. not fancy, just good nosh. whatcha got that...
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    my second near-death thread!

    after suffering through a overly long office meeting | social gathering with the board of directors at my ngo, i hopped on the vintage 650 yamaha and headed back to toronto. because it was late and someone stole that last glass of wine i had claimed to numb the boredom, i chose to blast the QEW...
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    Happy SATAN day! the $20 sale returns, this time with more evil.

    speed scooter perfect for crusing the high schools for hot dates folds down for easy storage $15 vintage marco polo skates skates are a womans size 7 | mens size 5 1/2 previous tribers wanted these skates yet i never finished the trade. so i am re-listing them - how evil is that...
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    i am afraid of americans

    8:19 a.m. May 30, 2006 ATLANTA – A former Marine used a pocket knife to fend off a group of would-be robbers, killing one and wounding another, police said. Thomas Autry, who authorities said will not be charged, had been walking home from his job waiting tables Monday night when four people...
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    dangerous dan is no friend of mine.

    you think that i might have known better, considering the name of the establishment, but no. i stepped up to the bat, cocky like a lad with his first halibut buritto. full of piss and vinegar, a twinkle in my eye and the meat-lust in my heart. my pride was beat down by a burger the size...
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    vintage roller skates | extra cool

    these skate are sly. vintage funky fresh 70's skates for all your indoor and outdoor pleasure. you will own the rink in these. skates are a womans size 7 | mens size 5 1/2 which is just a touch too small for me, unfortunately. the skates have been recently tuned and are ready to roll. $35
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    hey dorkchop! i've got lotsa videogames for sale. gba | psx | ps2 | dc

    i really should buy some insurance for the new bike, rather than just mad-maxing all over town. buy these and keep other tribers safe. fill my box | jon_starchuk @ yahoo.ca non slim ps2, chipped with 35 games [no-swap chip] comes with all wires, sony dual shock and ps2 memory card...
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    fug! piercing help needed. i lost the bead on my barbell.

    kay.. so i bought a new motorcycle on the weekend, and the fucker shook the bead right off during the first ride. i tried to go back to the place i got the barbell from, but it doesn't exist anymore. mer. so this is what i need: a one inch 6g or 4g interally threaded barbell. this...
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    FFR | friday font request | designers all in

    even though my 3937 font cd promises to help out in all situations, sometimes it just doesn't work out like it should. :confused: so i need a copy of centaur bold. and i need it now. i couldn't find a free download for it, so if anyone could pass it across i would be mucho appreciatto...
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    1977 honda cb 750 | 25000 k | $1400

    1977 honda cb 750 | 25000 k | $1400 low mileage for its age, at 25000 k. the chain seems fine with some life in it yet. one fork seal is solid, the other will need attention. one very good metzler on the front, but the rear will not pass safety. the electrics working well, but need...
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    FST: naughty naughty..

    HA! naughty naughty to be tricking your ass into an early april fool. dirty fool. ch33se
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    fug! did anyone else see the premiere of the beasties movie last night? for those that live under rocks, the boys bought 50 cameras from best buy and handed them out to lucky crowd members with one stipulation: never stop filming. it was shot one night in new york with lotsa home-town...