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    Are you thawed out from Harvest 2014 yet?

    I think you're referring to Marc Romboy's first track which, in my state of mind at the time, floored me. Haha...I was trying to figure out the vocal and thought it was saying something like "20 hertz" in German (zwanzig hertzen) followed by those squeeling machine noises. Totally blew me away...
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    I struggled a long time with double-unders. Best advice I got was, keep your feet/toes together all the time. I'm not sure how that helped me, but as soon as I started doing that I kind of got the rhythm of the double-under and it all just clicked. I used to hate them.
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    Did it this afternoon. Did 169. A lung burner for sure.
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    A brand brand new picture thread. (with pics)

    If you haven't been, you MUST go to Little Corn Island if you go back to Nicaragua (we didn't spend any time on Big Corn as it was unadvised since Little Corn is so effing awesome). It's unbelievable. Worth the extra cost and travel time. No roads, no cars. Jungle paths, beach huts, great...
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    Gym etiquette and general info.

    I did my gyms annual competition a couple moths ago. Teams of 3 doing 4 wods. Sceptical at first, I see now why competing is fun. I find myself watching crossfit comps on youtube now. It was also humbling and impressive watching what the stronger guys and girls are capable of pulling off in that...
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    Gym etiquette and general info.

    So…after being in cross fit for almost a year now, I have to say I'm more than impressed with the results. 3 years prior to cross fit I started with regular weight training with various coaches. I'd never lifted a weight before then, only did cardio via running an biking. In the 11 months that...
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    The All-Encompassing Suit Thread about Suits

    Thanks for this info. I recently met with Blair Shapera who does made to measure, as well as bespoke starting around $1500. He has great reviews online. I'll check out Townline.
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    The All-Encompassing Suit Thread about Suits

    Does anyone have experience with Holt Renfrew Private Label or Samuelsohn made to measure suits? I'm thinking of either a Holt's made to measure or one from Samuelsohn (which are no longer available through Harry Rosen but now The Bay) for my wedding next summer. The other option I suppose...
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    Gym etiquette and general info.

    I recently joined a crossfit gym. I was totally skeptical at first, but my partner went to an intro class and then she persuaded me to try one. My experience so far is totally the opposite of fornicators. At this gym you start with 3 private sessions with an instructor (or you can do...
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    ~*...chasing the storm 2012/2013...*~

    thanks norm! i'll take your advice.
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    ~*...chasing the storm 2012/2013...*~

    Anyone been to Sun Peaks? Reviews? I'm planning a short (4 day) snowboard trip mid-March, and don't want to travel more than 5 hours from Vancouver. We don't want to do Whistler, as we spend enough time there doing day trips. Did Big White a couple years ago, so thinking of trying something...
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    The Mom Thread

    ChrisD, both the worst and best thing is the advice other parents give. It's so dependent on your own child. But hopefully you find something in others that works for you. If not, you'll find what works on your own. This is inevitable. The first year is the hardest. But so is the second...
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    Men's Fashion Blog

    Any details on that first blue/white belted cardigan?
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    Men's Fashion Blog

    My Nudie jeans suggest I wear them everyday and not wash them for at least 6 months. Anyone ever actually done this? Sounds gross. ch33se And boring. How often do you wash your denim?
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    What is the best LCBO in Toronto to find craft beers? And what bars/pubs would you recommend for great beer selection? Before I moved from T.O. I was still drinking crappy beer, and thought Steam Whistle and Stella were the best beers ever made. Having spent the past 6 years in...
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    For the Cyclists in Tribeland.

    I bought a road bike two years ago after riding fixed exclusively for 5 years. For city riding and commuting fixed is great. But being on a professionally fitted road bike is the best biking experience I've ever had. I can ride further, faster and climb higher than ever. It's totally...
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    What is Your Job

    Doctoral student in Sociology with a focus on drug use. Research Associate at an addictions research centre in BC. I do it becuase I'm fascinated with drugs and drug use, love research, and hate how marginalized drug users are treated in this country.
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    [[...snow addiktz 2010/2011...]]

    Me and the fam will be moving to Vancouver in the summer. Can't wait to spend a snowboard season there :D (no more driving 3+ hours to our local Van Island mountain!) Question: of Cypress, Seymour and Grouse, which would you recommend? The only time I've been to Seymour it was so foggy you...
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    I have stock tip: buy Canada Goose stock!

    the idiots wearing these jackets here in Victoria increases every year, where it rarely drops below 7 degrees during our winter.
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    was this taken too far?

    Guy should have broken the kids fingers. Trying throwing snowballs at cars with your broken fingers, ya twerp!