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    LF: Queens of the Stone Age tickets

    Just went out to buy two tickets and they're sold out!!! I guess my laziness has caught up with me. Wondering if anyone has two spare tickets or if someone can point me in the right direction to obtaining some... Any help would be greatly appreciated. :)
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    Hey guess what

    Not sure if this is old news but..... I was walking along young the other day and popped in the PITT to see whats up, and apparantly its under new management, and all singles were on sale for $4.99!!!!! didnt stick around much, but they still had lots of records there...
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    Trak Eyedee

    so theres two tracks that I cant identify, and i was hoping you guys could help. track 1 is from a dan bell vs cabanne set: clickhere and track 2 is from a cari vs adam beyer set. they got two other tracks layered in it, but this section is where the unknown track is dominant. clickhere...
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    mag kneez bees neez

    i remember there were a couple of members or lurkers on here looking for the surgeon : magneze : downwards track. I just stumbled upon it INSTOCK at nuloop.com just a heads up... oh and they just got a whole bunch of basic channel stuff re-released...
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    Matt Thibideau

    Hey, Just wondering if anyone could PM me Matt Thibideau's (Altitude) email address? Thanks, :)
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    Satelite Records?

    So I came across this site and found some older tracks that I'd like to purchase. I put an order in last night and now I've gotten this email stating: You have submitted an order to our website. According to our records we have either not done business with you before or you have...
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    < id >

    there's this one track i remember from a few years back, havent heard anyone play it since then. the track went "boom che, boom che, boom boom che chit chit" ....... ..... ? oh and also there was this vocal if i remember correctly: "women beat their men, .....and men, beat on...
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    tracks I've never heard

    just snooping around on the net for older releases that I've never heard before and was wondering if anyone here has them, or has heard them. conform 1 and 2 drumcode 13 codered 07 remixes (i think its called 07b) (i've got tonnes more but these are the ones that have been on my mind as...
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    track id

    normally i'm not a big fan of electro, but theres this track that i'm listening to off an internet show and its awesome. it has a vocal in it, which sounds really digitized. lyrics include "she talks to you, she talks to you, why cant i come over" "she talks on the phone..." thats all...
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    New Record Purchasessss

    this thread has been inspired by the package i got in the mail today i havent bought any records in the past 2 months cause i have very little money, however there was an urgent purchase to be made as soon as i saw it (on the net) and just received them today... adam beyer : recoded (4LP)...
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    techno what?

    allright, this topic has been bothering me for quite a bit now, and after reading alot of the reviews from sven and richie hawtins sets last night, i'm pretty annoyed. what the fuck is this term PROGRESSIVE TECHNO!!!!????? techno (to me) has allways been about patterns and rhythms that...
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    WANTED: Mhonocell

    still looking for this release!!!! Mhonocell : Amoeba ep : Evil Deception 09 anyone got it? wanna sell it? :) peter
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    storm shadow - -

    I got this mike shannon tape i think in 97 or 98, its called storm shadow. Its a very chill tech house, techno tape, really well mixed and programmed. just wondering if anyone has the track listing for it?
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    Dave Cooper's email address?

    just wondering if anyone could give me dave coopers email addy? peter
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    track id!

    allright, heres one thats still boggling my mind, its off of richie hawtin, live at I LOVE TECHNO (either 2000 or 1999, not sure cause i didnt label the burnt cd) anyway, the first two tracks i think are by marco carola, DEFINITLY the second track is marco carola: hypnotissimus: kobayashi...
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    Mhonocell release

    Hey everyone, well i'm back from B.C., (like anyone knew i was there in the first place!!!!) anyway i have been searching all over the internet, shops in toronto, vancouver and victoria, emailing labels and distributors, and i still cannot find the: Mhonocell: Amoeba ep: evil deception 09...
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    poker face email addy?

    does anyone know poker face's email addy. i tried looking up his profile, but the email address info has been disabled by the admin. thanks
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    Hybrid Vinyl

    The past while i have been searching for any old vinyl thats off of cari lekebusch's hybrid label. Any of the earlier releases, or really anything off of the cd he released "pet van jet" (i think thats how its spelt). I've searched all over and hardly any vinyl stores (interet etc) even have a...
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    Element and Gaetano

    I was just scanning through the old gaetek coming to element thread and realized that there was no price stated. There hasnt been much talk about this event, and havent seen any advertisements, is it still a go? if so, how much and is anyone coming from the board?
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    Calling Montreal kids! (tech head rob)

    Me and some friends decided to go to montreal tomorrow (in about 10 hrs) and i was just wondering what are some good places to go to on a thursday night? (preferably techno) unfortunatly we are only staying for one night, then off to ottawa.. peter