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    Gimme some muf***ing TWONZ

    Heard Twonz on NYE, looking for more of that pure tech shit. Anyone have any sets to download, links, whatever. Where is he? I like techno music. Thank you.
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    Seymour vs. Cypress vs. Grouse

    I'm planning on spending a day at one of the local hills, but don't know much about either of them. I've been to Seymour once recently while it was blanketed in fog, so not much fun, and didn't give me much sense of the hill. Judging by their websites, Cypress looks as though it has the most...
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    vancouver event listings?

    I've been searching for event listing in vancouver and seem to only come up with big club kind of stuff. I have friend coming in March, and we're looking for something do do on the 7th. I'm in Victoria, so am unfamiliar with nightlife in Vancouver. Techno events? Warehouse parties? Where...
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    Victoria party people...I need your help!

    I don't think there are many Victoria folk on here, but for the few that are: CANADIAN RECREATIONAL DRUG USE SURVEY needs YOU...! Earn $20, help science, have 60 minutes of our undivided attention and gratitude being one of the first folks to take part in the pilot Canadian Recreational...
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    Ontarian appreciation of the west coast

    May be a lame thread, but whatever. I know there are plenty of Ontario expats out here. Having just had my first day of snowboarding at Mt Washington, I gotta profess my love for the west... 1. Mountains, mountains, and more mountains. Having grown up in Ontario, the first time I saw a true...
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    Deadbeat at Salems Loft!!

    I wasn't there. So someone tell me about it.
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    Seafood in Vancouver

    My folks and I will be in Vancouver tomorrow are looking for a nice seafood dinner. Nothing overly schwanky, but something nice. Anyone got any recommendations? I'm concerned my online search is only finding me typical tourist, overly-priced places.
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    Andrew Ivsins :: Headin' Out :: Breaksish

    Back in June we threw a party called Resurface at the always amazing Salem's Loft. We'd intended to record all the sets, but due whatever technical reason this didn't happen. And so, the mix I've recorded is pretty much the set I played that night. Big thanks to Jamie Kidd for letting me...
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    FS: EQ3 TV stand/coffee table

    I have the silver w/clear glass version. It's advertised as a TV stand but have been using it as my coffee table. Dimensions and other info can be found here: http://eq3.com/cat-eq3/3040-130-1.html It's about 8 months old. Perfect condition. Asking $120 (new it's $199) I live...
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    Rick Mercer fans

    right now on CBC, "Talking to Americans"
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    frequent travel with dogs?

    (somewhat)hypothetical situation: you currently live in toronto, and may possibly be moving to BC for work. the job requires you to come back to Toronto every 6 months, for 1 month at a time. this arrangement will last 1 year for sure (so, returning twice over the next year), possibly a bit...
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    car leasing tips

    i know, i searched and read the other threads about leasing a car. some useful info, but not what i'm looking for. i'm trying to figure out how to get the best deal on a lease, and want to hear people's experiences. i've been told to negotiate the selling price, and not to pay certain...
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    Boarders/skiers...let's talk powder

    When and where was your first powder experience? What was your first reaction? Reading Norm's adventures in BC has me reminiscing. First time I experienced soft deep powder was at Whistler about 6 years ago. It dumped the night we arrived. The next morning, walked out the gondola...
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    help me remember a party

    About 2 years ago, Bulding Blocks threw a party at The Elmo (at least, I think it was building block, though it could have been Promise, but I'm pretty sure it was BB). I believe it was the 1st party there after the renovations. They had both floors going. I think it was in November. All I...
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    OK Go, at The Horseshoe

    Despite being a rock show, on a Monday night, it was agreat time (i was all like, eeeew guitars and shit, do i really have to go??). OK Go put on a really good energetic show, using every inch of the cramped stage to jump, gyrate, twist and turn and rock the fuck out! I don't actually...
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    current trend in womens jeans = lots of hot asses

    I'd like to thank all the trendy jean companies for finally making a cut that hugs the female butt in the most perfectly wonderful way, and makes pretty much any ass look scrumptious. Walking along Queen St this afternoon was :eek: Thank you trendy jean designers.
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    help with my wireless internet stuff....on a mac

    I recently purchased an iBook and just got my internet set up at home. Whenever I open Airport I choose my network, which is currently named Apple Network ####. I have no idea how to change the name, and I have no idea how to set it up so a password is required. I'm assuming anyone can...
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    Trade: Metric tickets, the 28th for the 29th

    I have 4 tickets for the Metric show on the 28th, but now can't make that show. Anyone have tickets for the 29th they'd want to trade?
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    furniture delivery people - do you tip?

    since we're on the subject of tipping... having furniture delivered tonight and not sure if it's customary to tip the delivery people. so far i've got 2 nays and one yay.
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    Tribe Cyclists...help me with my fork

    I'm riding a Specialized Sirrus sport and am looking to switch to a carbon fork. Coming from a mountain bike background i'm having trouble adjusting to the hard ride. Will a carbon fork be noticeably less rigid? Any suggestions of forks to look into or stores in the downtown area to...