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    Carl Cox @ Space Ibeefa Spain

    was there last week. best party ILve been to. Carl is the man
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    Red Man surprise performance at Madbar

    I want to hear details. I heard he showed on up on saturday night and got on the Mic for a couple of songs... I want details.
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    Help>need A Digweed Picture<help

    Does anyone in the world have a high resolution picture of digweed? :mad: I'll willing to make a trade!!! If you do send me a private message please
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    If you were a pornstar, what would your screen name be?

    Porn star name Best one I've ever heard which I can't take credit for is: Alfred Hugecock Personally I have a few alias: Franco Ferrari Zeek Donatello Lube-atron Quich hammer Hung Lo (Far east flavour)
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    Steve Lawler in June?

    Lawler Lawler will be doing 4 Jet to Ibiza dates. For all of you in Toronto: Gold club series Presents: Jet to Ibiza In association with SPACE IBIZA Friday June 14, 2002 @ Guvernment nightclub Featuring: Steve Lawler Satoshi Tomei Ulysses (Space Ibiza resident)
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    my dream girl

    There things sums it all up for me: Jennifer Love Hewitt
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    you're listening to wha??? are you nuts?

    2.5 hour John Acquaviva...Old school (funk/disco/soul/retro)set at Goldclub series launch... www.goldclubseries.ca
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    Ruckus and Benz@Turbo

    10:05 PM Saturday night...Still drunk. I've taken two showers and I still smell like liquor!!!! Special mention to Jimmy Vodka at tonic for the 12 rounds of 20+ shooters. Thanks Everyone. AMP
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    ELEMENTS - Grand Opening

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    ELEMENTS - Grand Opening

    We want to thank everyone who made it out to the club on the weekend. To answer a few questions and comments: Djstressy: All DJ's booked for the air lounge are well aware of the top 40 content in the main room. Unfortunetly with smaller cities like London and Kitchener it's not feasible to...
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    Thanks to everyone who came out and showed support. For more reviews on the London connected party you can visit: www.riseevents.com/msg/ikonboard.cgi I hope putting up this link is O.K Alex. If not I guess I'll know soon.
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    Kenny Glasgow@Rise *London*

    Kenny is great. On top of a wonderful set he played he gave us and exclusive 60+ set to put up on the RISE! web site We just have to record it to .RAM and it should be up no later than monday. www.RISEevents.com Thanks to everyone who made it out and we hope to see you next week. AMP
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    RISE! lafleche & andy capp

    Wow... easy now!!! No reason to open that can of worms on the tribe message board. AMP
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    Misstress Barbara at Turbo

    She kicks ass. Dare I say it...best canadian techno DJ...maybe even better than Hawtin. Personally I think she has more presence and work harder behind the decks, give you a better party sort of speak. If you haven't had enough of her she'll be in London this thursday for RISE! Not for $30...
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    Czech and Scaife @ RISE!

    Exactly where is there a review by me about the party??? [b]It's 1:30 Friday afternoon. I think the night is finally over. Huricane Czech has finally passed through London leaving a trail of devistation behind (myself being one of them) Too "wooozy" to put all the accounts of last night in...
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    Czech and Scaife @ RISE!

    It's 1:30 Friday afternoon. I think the night is finally over. Huricane Czech has finally passed through London leaving a trail of devistation behind (myself being one of them) Too "wooozy" to put all the accounts of last night in perspective...Yet. Hoping someone else will do the deed. Must...
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    richie in london

    Most definatly. Next time we do a larger event at the core, Entire upstairs will be one room. Perhpas with a video screen in the second room so people can see the DJ in the main room while they dance. Thanks for the suggestion!
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    richie in london

    I am also sorry you did not have a good time. As I mentioned before, there are some things that are in the hands of the promoter and some which are not. We can not knock down walls and re-build the inside of Core FX, if we could, believe me we would. IF there are things we can do (that's in...
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    richie in london

    Thanks Jamie, Tell you the truth I am no longer upset or worried about the negitive comments. I know where they are coming from, as I'm sure you do too... Since we can not change the venue we're not going to worry our pretty little heads about it. We know people may not love the venue but...