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    the Soccer News/Transfers thread

    i fuckin' hate ray hudson with a passion
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    the Soccer News/Transfers thread

    some dubai co. is buying a la liga team and will be renaming it apparently,a la red bull salzburg.. rawd, i've been using that copa del heyyy all week. barca 2-1 manana
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    What the hell are you listening to?

    i fuckin' loved this tune so much back in the day. had it on a bootleg that got misplaced. thanks dude.
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    champions league 2010/11

    my picks for the semis barca ac chelsea madrid i pay for setanta and goltv, setanta is pricey but i get my moneys worth watching the gaa coverage. the only good thing about gol is the barca/madrid coverage.
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    Best wings in Buffalo

    so I ended up going to elmo's on millersport hwy. which was closed. Went to Duff's instead(1st time) good wings(too much sauce though) and a good price. 2 pounds(or so) fries and a pitcher of loganberry juice for $20. Thanks for all the suggestions, i have some spots for future reference.
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    Best wings in Buffalo

    headin' down on the weekend. Lookin forward to getting my wing on. Suggestions? I'm partial to Anchor Bar myself
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    DJ's Sneaks Nail Salon?

    what did ever happen to mr. kinsey? he was a bad ass motherfucker on the decks always weavin' to the groove
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    airplanes are fun

    stupid question? how can you find out which runways they are using to land?(at pearson)
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    Lee 'Scratch' Perry

    june 30th at the harbourfront centre 9:30 p.m. FREE!!!
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    huge stock market slide, just the beginning ?

    hey bernie timminco just hit a new 52 week high on friday, almost $29
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    the Soccer News/Transfers thread

    poor barca got thrashed today, AND had to applaud real onto the field how humiliating! big changes coming
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    rahaan is the man! somebody needs to bring him down
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    Your favourite HOT SAUCE!

    i have a big jug of homemade hot sauce from st. vincent, that is my main sauce, but you definitely need more than one kind
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    There Will Be Blood

    if you check www.imdb.com it tells you eli/paul sunday was played(obviously) by the same person. therefore, it was not eli pretending to be someone else(a brother named paul)
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    huge stock market slide, just the beginning ?

    also look at timminco(TIM) just had a big jump yesterday-$22.50 sustainable energy(STG)-.35 i just sold timminco and left a nice chunk of change on the table(figures) you can never go broke taking a profit i guess!
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    huge stock market slide, just the beginning ?

    PTS is the new timminco. your welcome
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    huge stock market slide, just the beginning ?

    we are in the capitulation phase right now,where people will sell for any price,regardless of worth when positive sentiment returns(hopefully sooner rather than later) we can resume the super bull market in commodities-which will last another 2-5 years
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    huge stock market slide, just the beginning ?

    the fed just cut rates by 75bps d. dodge expected to cut 25bps hopefully this stops the bleeding yesterday was just brutal
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    huge stock market slide, just the beginning ?

    there was news, just nothing mind-blowing unrealistic expectations+average numbers+market bloodbath+lots of profit taking=sell-off it'll probably consolidate between .12-.16 before a spring run-up
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    huge stock market slide, just the beginning ?

    i got killed on GRW today i'll just double up in a few days does anyone know of RDN in NY? looks interesting