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    TECHNO! What happened?

    Many years ago techno came into my life. Now that im old, and considerd retired from my former life of a techno JUNKIE. . . . . . WHAT DID IT DO TO MY BRAIN? I heard an old Dave Angel cd (yes cd, not mp3, i pod, cassette, 8 trak :)) named 39 FLAVOURS OF TECH FUNK and my body started twitch'n and...
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    Shoot-outs in hockey?!

    Personally I think they SUCK! Its just not "HOCKEY" to me. I would rather see a tie, well I would rather see them play sudden death, but its not realistic in the regular season. Its like the hockey game (team sport with 20ish guys on each side) ends, and a completely different game (a...
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    Where did all the shooters go?

    Since the cops took down the crew/s in Malvern and Kingston/Galloway roads a year and a half ago, there has been a DRAMATIC decrease in shootings in Malvern. I guess they got the right guys. and, They must be getting out soon?! :eek: GRj
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    Phil Mickelson

    Phil Mickelson's quality of golf is directly related to the size of his MAN TITS! The smaller the better. PS. he only won the PGA by default. GRj
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    Picotto, Liebing, GAETANO PARISIO, and Greg Gow @ Guv/ Haus?

    Sounds like some seriously hard beats on the 25th.
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    Truth or Rumour....help?

    So Liebing is @ Aria on Sept 24th, and I read on another board that he is in TO on the 25th.........anyone know WATTS UP? I know many of you were not all too impressed with hiom when he was here last, but he still seems to BLOW me away @ Aria. TRUTH or RUMOUR? GRj GRj
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    Cancer @ age 28? WTF?!?!?!

    A very good friend of mine has just started the first of 5 kemo (sp.) sessions. He has some type of aggressive cancer and has already had hgis nutz removed. ITS FUCKED! Why is it that the good people of the world (and not the skids such as myself) get the raw deals in life? Hes only 28, owns...
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    Wacky DJ lineups?!??!?!

    FERRY CORSTEN ferrycorsten.org DAVE CLARKE daveclarke.com NU NRG LIVE nunrg.it INFUSION LIVE infusion.net.au MARK OLIVER markoliver.ca Doez this seem as messed up to you as it does to me? I'm wanna see Dave Clarke really bad, but if have to hear one minute of trance or breaks to do...
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    Ben Sims May 28th

    This will RAWK! BTW. This is @ Aria in MTL. I will be there! GRj
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    when is old ............old?

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    Phil Mickleson finally won a MAJOR!!

    Mr. Choke, the guy who had HUGE man tits last year finally won MAJOR! He is definatly a different person than he was last year, and now hes got a GREEN JACKET. Still think hes a bitch though. GRj
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    Leafs vs. Raptors

    If only the Raptors would play with the heart that the Leafs play with, I might just enjoy watching them. Win or loose, I can handle anything.....except not trying, not giving 110%, quitting, whining, not playing hurt, and childish bitching ect.ect. Vince Carter has NO CLUE what it means to...
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    What kind of sick bastard...

    ....rape little kids and murder them? Like WTF? I am in no way a tough guy, but I would spend the rest of my life hurting these mistakes of humanity. I'm just sickened with the craziness of fucked up people. those poor innocent little kids, GRj
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    Stacey Pullen?!

    I want techno on BIG SYSTEMS. Last time all of you complained about the sound fo Liebing and you said it was WHOREABLE. Has it changed, is the sound shit still? To me theres nothing worse than hearing good techno on a shitty sytems. ie. Hawtin @ Opera house SUCKED! GRj
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    Chris Cuthbert (sp.) talking LEAFS?

    He SUCKS! I hate his voice. It sounds like he has carrots shoved up his nose. 60 hockey minutes of whines. And no this is NOT a "your just not used to him" kinda thing, cause I lived out west where he does most of his games. He really screws up the feeling you get while watching the...
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    System Sound Bar

    Please change the name of your club because the sound in there abolutely SUCKS!! or, Fix the problem! I'm sure you dumped a fair chunk of cash on your system, but it REALLY does sound bad. Maybe I'm spoiled from $500,000 systems in other clubs, but EVEN comfort zone and Element sound...
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    Bored and i need some Help?

    Are Junior Sanchez and Roger Sanchez one in the same? I've seen both ( Irarely look up @ the booth, ok I usually can't see straight), billed as both, but then someone SWORE up and down that they are the same guy. I don't think so, but I could be wrong. Are they and if so, whats the...
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    Damn BILLS!

    Yeah I hate the kind the come in the mail too, but this thread is about the STUPID BUFFALO BILLS! I honestly thought they might just win a game.........doubtful now :(
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    Techno parties in Toronto

    After witnessing the BEST techno party (speedy J) that I had been to in Toronto in YEARS........... I am pumped, stoked and super excited that YOU.....yes YOU the Toronto tech-headz can make the Leibing party a TOTAL BLAST. I had pretty much given up on having a "wicked time" in Toronto with...
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    I had to bury my kitty cat yesterday :(

    She went outside Sunday afternoon after getting a pile of Tempations and a 4 handed full-on-body-skratch from my G/F and I, and never returned :( . WE looked for her until 1 am Sunday night, and finally went to bed. I got a phone call @ work Monday afternoon from my crying G/F who had just...