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    New Years Day at Comfort Zone

    Zone....Oh Zone...How I love thee!! Comfort Zone followed up a rennaisance year with a kick-ass start to the new one. Although absolutely rammed all day long, the vibe, energy, enthusiasm, and positivity was so thick you didn't actually mind the crowded atmosphere. Favourite sets were...
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    Sunday Cruise

    My third boat cruise this summer and definitely the best so far. The vibe was thick and the energy intoxicating. On most cruises, it takes an hour or two for things to warm up...not on the Amigo's boats. The second the boat leaves dock, it's mayhem. And it doesn't let up. It's not really...
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    Dekoze @ Comfort Zone Devine Sundays

    Deko-ze doesn't really play much trance anymore...a bit thrown in to his progressive sets. But really he has been playing more house than anything for the last year and a half. Punchy, percussive, tribal and bumpin'! As someone said, DJ times at Comfort Zone are rarely on an exact schedule...
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    Deko-ze Is A God!

    Ummmmm....he's my boyfriend. And I don't know if I know you. Do I?
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    Deko-ze Is A God!

    OK. First off, I admit to being biased....but yes, Deko-ze is a God. Just waking up from a brief sleep after four hours of Deko-ze at Comfort Zone this morning. Danced my silly ass off. My vote for track of the day: "Sugar Daddy" by Secret Knowledge. It goes all the way back to around...
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    Comfort Zone

    Set times? Ha Ha Ha Ha! The DJs that play there rarely know when they will be playing before a few hours before they go on!!! A day or two at best. It's kind of cool from a partyer perspective if you are open-minded. You never really know who you are going to hear. You just gotta go...
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    handbag house

    The term "Handbag House" was already being thrown around in the mid-90's. Much earlier than most of you have suggested. Classic (or not!) example: "Diva's to the Dancefloor". And yes, the drag queens were known to put their dainty little handbags on the floor and prance around them...
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    Wintergalactic 2002 - CANCELLED

    To Retepic: So let us get this straight... To the party-goers who bought plane tickets, you are going to buy a new plane ticket for them to come next year?!? If anyone actually thinks that will happen, you are incredibly naiive. Meanwhile, to all the DJs who were booked to play and...
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    Nokia Renaissance - Roy Thompson Hall

    Had an excellent time at Renaissance. It didn't really merit "rebirth of the scene" status, but it was definitely a departure from most everything else going on, and hopefully a concept that will catch on. Good to see so many older people out. Prooves the point that as you get older, you...
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    dekoze @ tonic

    The night started off quiet, but definitely kicked into gear around midnite as people started streaming in. Good night out with the friends, and danced til it hurt - the only way to do it! Nice one for a weeknight in January when you expect everyone to be hibernating!!!
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    Big Bud

    Word is that Jelo did not play because the promoters, without asking him, changed his timeslot on the night of the event. As he was booked elsewhere that night, this new timeslot didn't jive with that of the other booking.
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    J E L O

    Had a great time Saturday, even though I wasn't too up for it when we headed out. Jelo pumped out the tunes and undoubtedly through out his back. Anyone else notice that when he really gets into it - the heavy thrashing head bobs - that he is eerily reminiscent of Animal from the Muppets? Oh...
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    Where's The Felix Da Housecat Review?

    I wasn't there, so this is not really directed at Felix Da Housecat (I thought he couldn't use that name anymore?!?) The previous post just incited a feeling I've been getting for some time now...What is it with so many well known, "name-brand" old- school djs being so shitty? There are some...
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    Strange Little Girl: Tori Amos

    I usually am down with what Rayner has to say as well. That's why I was wondering what other people had to say. He does sometimes seem to be trying really hard to hide his overall dislike of a certain type of music when he does reviews - but it still comes through loud and clear that even if it...
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    Strange Little Girl: Tori Amos

    Glad to read your positive posts. I had read a less than favourable review by Ben Rayner in the T.O.Star.
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    FTWK @ Tonic w/ the Eastern Bloc boys

    Aaaaaah...What fun...what party music...what splendid naked djs. Well...almost naked. If any of you didn't stop by the dj booth for a peek after about 2:00 AM, you definately missed out. And is it just me, or did the vibe quotient go through the roof in the place from about that point on or...
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    Orbital @ Opera House

    In regards to the questions of how people found out about this show: Luck, Mainly. Even the record stores around town had no promotions, let alone the lack of any flyer gauntlet people outside clubs & parties. I've come to realize that this happens alot in Toronto when live acts come through...
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    Orbital @ Opera House

    Due to other committments I wasn't sure I could make it out to Orbital until Monday. Praise Be that there were still tickets available. What a great night. Old-school crowd; killer music that spanned a decade; excellent production values. The set list someone posted on here prior to the...
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    Ben Sims

    Tekkid: I suppose the whole event would have been a whole lot less shady if say...you were the opening act...and the venue was say...your basement. Grow up...kid!
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    iDance 2001

    I find it bizarre that there are any concerns about the 'corporate sponsorship' of I-Dance. Ravers are just as label-conscious and identity-oriented as any other sub-group in society. We've practically branded ourselves. Yet we think there's a problem that company's want to market to the nice...