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  1. K

    What the hell are you listening to?

    saw album today in new releases on youtube music.. Refreshing made me think of this place . Sad to see about Jeffsus never knew him but feel like I did from reading about his adventures on here for years
  2. K

    What the hell are you listening to?

  3. K

    The final season of BREAKING BAD

    why would his drink and money still be sitting at the bar the next morning?
  4. K

    iPod + Phone = iPhone

    is there a decent free avi -> 640x480 mpeg video converter available thats not a crippled virus/trojan-laden POS???
  5. K

    Brandon Sek - DVNDVNDVN

    I've had this cd playing in the car constantly ever since my mp3 player was stolen!
  6. K

    So, Last Week I Bought...

    i have one of those MPIO FL-100s.. Great little unit mine still works.. it'll take SDs up to 1 gig I had several that I'd alternate still used it up to last year when i finally got an 8 gig ZEN.
  7. K

    Black + berry = Blackberry

    anyone know if w/rogers you can us the wifi on say a Pearl 8120 without having to pay for the data plan?
  8. K

    Apple's new flagship product - iPod Touch

    hmm futureshop has the 16gb on for $319..
  9. K


  10. K

    Help me become a slave (drive)

    sometimes with ibms and other name-brand systems I remember having to set ide drives to "proprietary" instead of master or slave...
  11. K

    router question

    I've always had better luck with Linksys over netgear or dlink so I chose this one :) http://www.tigerdirect.com/applications/SearchTools/item-details.asp?EdpNo=1030252&CatId=584
  12. K

    router question

    I use the same router with a 6mbps connection and its fine. It's 10/100 so even on an old computer (ie 10 years) it would still be good for 10 mbit.
  13. K

    Buying vacant land in cottage country?

    you can get island property on Simcoe in that range...
  14. K

    Facebook Ruins People's Lives

    Good lord its 6AM..... what have i done?????????
  15. K

    Electro - Dj Matt Medley - "It's Not Hip-Hop, It's Electro" 2006

    bump i really like this mix
  16. K

    I just got a warning from Paramount pictures...

    its funny just yesterday i bought this movie from a local flea market for 7 bucks. i figured fuck it its a screener and the avi 2 dvd work has been done and it comes in a box with the nice printed cover....
  17. K

    audacity and input levels

    its not plugged into the mic port is it? haha j/k
  18. K

    LOST - The TV Show....anyone else hooked?

    i knew locke and that chess game was gonna be bad news...
  19. K

    LOST - The TV Show....anyone else hooked?

    Ben does kinda remind me of Thom Yorke.....
  20. K


    cheese louise!