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    FS: Joel Plaskett Ticket April 29th

    i've got an extra ticket for tomorrows show. PM if interested Joel Plaskett + Pete Elkas Hugh's Room Friday April 29th $15
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    Wtb: Bright Eyes Ticket(s)

    Looking for 1 (or more) tickets to the upcoming Bright Eyes show. (Jan 21st @ Phoenix) email: erica_laframboise(NO SPAM)@sympatico.ca or PM me
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    WTR Parking Spot in Little Italy

    I'm currently on a waiting list for parking on my street and was hoping to find someone who has a parking spot for rent in the area. I need 24/7 access to the spot and would prefer to rent on a monthly basis. Area: Between Harbord and College Manning and Bathurst...
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    WTB: Arcade Fire Ticket

    I'm looking for 1 (or more ) tickets to the upcoming Toronto show. PM me please. merci
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    Franz Ferdinand

    Anyone else checking out this gig on Monday June 14th at the KOOL HAUS? My tickets says Pheonix, but apparently the show sold out , so they moved it to the bigger (not better) venue. Regardless, i'm so pumped for this show...Can't wait to dance my ass off to good old 80's rock n roll! :D...
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    David Bowie @ Acc

    WOW WOW WOW What an amazing show! What a set list! Ziggy Stardust Starman Suffragettecity I'm afraid of Americans China Girl Modern Love Fame Rebel Rebel Heros ashes to ashes Man who sold the world Under Pressure i was told not to expect any of his "classics" and that the...
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    pm me for sex

    seriously... i love penis
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    Stuart McLean's Vinyl Cafe Christmas Concert

    I'm a CBC junkie so i'm really really looking forward to seeing mr. mclean tell Dave and Morley stories.. :) Anyone else going? anyone been before and care to share their experiance?:D
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    Letter to Aritzia

    Just thought I'd share an experiance a friend (the author of the attached letter) and I encountered last week.... November 07, 2003 Brian Hill Aritizia 327-611 Alexander Street Vancouver, BC Canada V6A 1E1 Dear Mr. Hill: First and foremost...
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    Joel Plaskett

    2 shows - November 20th and 22nd. Anyone else heading down to listen to some good ol' east coast music? Just picked up the new album - pretty good. Some of the songs remind me a little too much of Down at the Kybar..BUT meh it's Joel so it can't be that bad.. I mean he is the man behind the...
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    My house was broken into.....

    I just spoke with my parents and we were robbed this morning, while they were at work. My brother left the house for 45 mins and came back to a smashed up side door where the ASSHOLE entered. Thankfully my parents didn't have anything of value out in the open but this ASSHOLE rooted around...
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    Shoot The Separatist!

    Shoot-the-separatist game withdrawn Part of playstation 2 series. Just hours after protest in Commons, Sony agrees to delete offending segment ELIZABETH THOMPSON The Gazette Friday, October 24, 2003 A scene from the game Syphon Filter: The Omega Station for Sony PlayStation...
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    visting Vancouver

    Greetings from Toronto :D I'll be heading West for 6 days in November (20th-26th) and since it will be my first visit to BC I was hoping you folks could give this city girl some advice. Where to eat? Where to ski? Where to get silly drunk? Where to dance my ass off? Where to experiance...
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    Belle and Sebastian Sat Novemeber 8th Massey Hall Anyone out there heading to the show?? I'm excited about this one. Last yr ( I think) they played a show at Kool Haus and they sounded horrible. I'm hoping that their sound can fill Massey Hall - I think it's the perfect size venue for...
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    I just woke up and heard radio dude say it was snowing in some parts of the city... WTF?!! Is this true? Anyone out in Tribe land actually seen snow today?? :eek: :eek:
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    Welcome T13

    T13 has been lurking around, reading the board for quite some time BUT hasn't had the urge to post yet. So everyone send out a warm welcome to a wicked cool chick!:D glad you are on here..now post damnit! post! post! post!
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    internet pre-sale started today at 10am. anyone lucky enough to get tickets yet? Just got me some floor seats!!! :D :D :D
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    Beer Leagues - Baseball anyone?

    Just wondering if anyone on here is part of a summer beer league team. I'm an extra for one team b/c I signed up too late - but I want to play so bad..if anyone is part of a team that needs more chicks - PM me please! :D
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    House For Rent

    My neighbours are moving out over the next few months- so I thought i'd help my landlord find new tenants. Here are the details: - 4 bedroom house -2 story -2 kitchens -1 bathroom -front/back yard -driveway -steps to TCC - NO UTILITIES -550/month each. -possible short term...
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    New meat over here....

    Hi everyone. Been reading the board for awhile- it can be quite entertaining at times with all the bickering and useless information being posted.;) Looking forward to contributing to this site by pulling shit out of my ass and pretending to know everything!:D There are a few ppl I know...