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    Girls, do you get pissed off when your guy doesn't come to bed with you?

    I've been that girl before with boyfriends. My experience was that guys get up to stuff after I went to bed, like porn & masturbating, or msn chats with ex-girlfriends or whatever they wouldn't do in front of me. I felt like I lost out - on sex or attention. But now I'm older & wiser (& more...
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    Spek-e-ze at Calisto this Friday!

    Yeah I'm in :) This will be a fun spot for a few drinks with friends ... complete with tunes that I actually want to hear!
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    Nic Fanciulli - Jan 29 @ footwork

    Highly tempting as I love Fanciulli. Who's going?
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    I'll be there :cool:
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    staying motivated to stay in shape

    went to my usual spin class this morning and had my ass handed to me. That's what a ton of weed & beer over the past month will do. Oh yeah and maybe excessive eating too :(
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    Strip Clubs

    I'm totally not cool with my boyfriend going to a strip club, although he has for a few bachelor parties and I'm not going to tell him he can't go. Basically my boyfriend should not be seeing or touching or being touched by a real live naked woman ... I'm the only one who gets to do that...
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    The Hot Guy Thread

    ... and these two are crazy hot together ...
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    The Hot Guy Thread

    nice one! I love the battlestar galactica guys, yum. A tribute to my fave hero, Milo Ventimiglia:
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    Girly beer!

    wow, I had no idea so many women like sweet/fruity/white beers! Totally not my thing - too sweet and not thirst quenching. I've just started drinking coors light :o Never thought I'd become that person, but I do love a cold beer or two after work most days and I can no longer afford to have...
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    Do you actually get/take your lunch at work?

    I eat lunch on the fly while working, usually at 2 or 3. The good thing is that I get to eat great food for free. My work is divided between management and union employees. Most full time union staff take an unpaid hour for lunch and a half hour of paid break ... all work stops for breaks...
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    I'm going to San Francisco - HELP!

    ^^ cool thanks, and actually I get there on the 5th so this opulent temple party is a possibility. I'm on my own that night though ... and this massive party on an island in a city I don't know may be too much for me on my own :p
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    I'm going to San Francisco - HELP!

    thanks oh toro - but I am already booked at the Hotel Carlton. So tenderloin is the sketchy neighbourhood I take it? ... I'm looking more for suggestions re: - parties on March 7 or 8 - recommended restaurants - day trips (I'm thinking Sonoma, what else?) - any other cool shit I...
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    I'm going to San Francisco - HELP!

    I thought I'd revive this as I'm heading to San Francisco for a week soon and I really know nothing about this city. I'll be staying at Hotel Carlton on Sutter St at Larkin St. Is this a decent location? Looks central to me. I'd love some suggestions for: - a San Fran based tribe-like...
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    The whining/bitching/moaning thread v.2

    Damn ila! Sorry to hear that, it must've been awful. Not to be dramatic (and I'm sure this has more than crossed your mind) but that guy was only a step or two away from rape/murder from the sounds of it. I wonder what makes these guys tick? How is an obsession like that more desirable...
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    The whining/bitching/moaning thread v.2

    I think it's going way too far to go to the police! Or assume he's a stalker. If he was calling you every week then maybe but not 6 calls total in as many months. I'd answer the phone (or email him) and be calm & firm and tell him that you're not interested in seeing or talking to him. I...
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    The Hot Guy Thread

    :) I think it might be the first guy that we 100% agree upon!
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    Hey ladies, what do you want for valentines day?

    We both worked until about 7 last night. I picked up stuff for margaritas on the way home and I bought us sushi that we ate while we watched a Chris Rock dvd. Then we both passed out on the couch before midnight and woke up cranky in the middle of the night. Lame v-day :rolleyes: but we never...
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    Shoppers Drug Mart

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    So, forgetting about the hallmark crap...

    hmmm what do I appreciate most eh? this is a good test for me, to write this now, as we're all fighty! sensitive - this is a very complementary quality for me as I tend to be more rational or inexpressive so it helps to be with someone who is emotive and challenges me to just feel. sexual...
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    The Hot Guy Thread

    some pics of Bradley Cooper for the Doctor ... ;)