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    Arctic Monkeys @ Kool Haus - Sept. 15

    Most likely the best band to come out of Britain in the 2000's. They sold out tickets to the Kool Haus in a matter of minutes and played a solid 90 minute set as they cruised through songs from their five album catalogue. Great times were had! Here's the setlist: 1.Do I Wanna Know...
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    The Samsung Galaxy S3 Series

    So, I had this phone since the day it came out last month and I'm really pleased with its performance. The screen is 1080p and it's huge compared to the iphone4S and a lot lighter in weight. The features are unbelievable such as turning the phone face down mutes the phone completely. Swiping...
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    The BLack Keys w/The Shins - Molson Ampitheatre

    Saturday August 4th. There, on the floors!
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    What the hell is www.ads345.com?

    For the past week or so, everytime I open up Windows Internet Explorer it goes to this page: http://www.ads345.com/ I can't even link to other sites at all beyond this page using internet explorer. I have to resort to using Netscape Communicator which I'm not pleased with. Any help on...
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    2008 NHL Trade Deadline

    Okay, so the last official day for NHL teams to trade players for the rest of the season is on February 26th at 3pm eastern time. Here's one trade that just take place a little while ago leading up do the trade deadline. The Senators have acquired defenceman Mike Commodore and forward Cory...
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    Human Foos Ball Leagues

    I had a blast playing this at Beerfest last weekend and Im trying to find a league for human foosball in the GTA. Im having no luck in finding any leagues in the GTA thus far. Does anybody on here have any links or connections for this sport. Res
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    Tocchet gets sentenced with a slap on the hand

    TSN.ca Staff 8/17/2007 9:41:10 AM Former National Hockey League player and Phoenix Coyotes associate coach Rick Tocchet received his sentence on Friday morning, as he was convicted on third-degree conspiracy to promote gambling and third-degree promoting gambling. Tocchet, who appeared...
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    Murder at House of Lancaster on Bloor?

    Or is it Manhattan Strip that's just east of Dundas W of Dufferin on the southside? Anyways, there was police tape all around the strip joint when I passed by to go to work a couple hours ago. Anyone hear of something really really bad happening?
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    Void Cheques

    If I have to fax a void cheque, can I continue to fax and use that specific void cheque over and over again? Res
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    The White Stripes at the Molson Ampitheater

    It was excellent to say the least!!:D No lip synching or covers from other artists. Just Jack and Meg busting out their own tunes for a full 90 minute set. I'll post pics and video when I get the chance. Res
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    The Beatles On Larry King Live

    Just seeing the last 30 minutes. They're on right now! Well, everybody except John and George. Not a bad interview overall so far. Anybody else watching it?
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    Yo ChrisD--Clean yer Privates!

    It needs a trim!
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    Nasville Predators to relocate to Canada?

    Balsillie is back in the picture, and while there are no reasons to keep the Predators in Nashville there are all the reasons in the world to relocate them to southern Ontario. When it comes to revenues, the six Canadian-based NHL teams generate 33 per cent of the league's $2.2 billion in...
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    Rob Zombie's Halloween Trailer

    Out August 31st! http://www.darkhorizons.com/news07/halloween.php
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    Velvet Revolver at the Kool Haus 5/13/07

    Wow, this group has showed they have definitely come into their own. The band, featuring three former members of Guns N' Roses and former Stone Temple Pilots singer Scott Weiland, rarely reached back into the past during the blazing 17-song, 90-minute set except for STP's Vasoline which was...
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    An Evening with Billy Joel...and Leonard Cohen?

    Yeah, I was suprised to see this guy pass by my section and Im pretty sure it was Leonard Cohen. Here's the pic. It had to be him: Anyways, Joel was pretty amusing in between tracks and he played superb. He and his band perfomed some very obscure tracks which im pretty fond of like...
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    Grand Theft Auto IV Trailer

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WG32tAmWV1E Out Oct. 16th
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    The Arctic Monkey's--Sophmore Album due out next month

    The band's second album, Favourite Worst Nightmare, is to be released on April 23, 2007, and will be preceded by the single "Brianstorm". On 2007-02-04 the band announced on their official website that their new album would be entitled Favourite Worst Nightmare. The 12 song track list was...
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    Bono of U2 says Rock may have to go...

    As of July 2006, U2 are reportedly recording a new album, although it is unknown at what point in the process the sessions are. According to Bono there are 24 songs that came out of the last album sessions, of which the band took 11 for their subsequent record. Amateur recordings from the band's...
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    The Police--Are they finally getting back together??

    I just heard on 680 news that Sting, Stu and Andy might actually tour! Reunion: In early 2007, reports surfaced in England that the trio would reunite for a tour to mark their 30th anniversary. The concerts would coincide with Universal Music (current owners of the A&M label) re-releasing...