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  1. Z

    FS: Pair of 1200-MK2 + equipment

    I am selling my stuff off 1. Pair of SK-1200MK2 their about 4 years old, home used only with Numark CC-1 cartriges Asking $350 for each or $650 for both 2. Stanton SK 2F Mixer, it just missing 1 knob Asking $100 3. Sony MDR-V500 Headphones- its missing detachable phone plug...
  2. Z

    LF: Installation CD for PALM TUNGSTEN C

    I have lost my instaltion CD for my Palm Tungsten C If you have one or know some that has one i am willing to pay some cash if i can get a copy ziggy B_STRAMA@HOTMAIL.COM or 416-525-9449 or just PM me
  3. Z

    mountain bike

    moutine bike i am looking for a decent shape mountine bike, with both front and back shocks emai lme @ b_strama@hotmail.com ziggy
  4. Z

    LF- bike

    this might be a long shot but i am looking for this road bike 2004 GIANT TCR (comp2) Medium frame, Stock components Email me if you or any one that u know wants to part with it b_strama@hotmail.com ziggy
  5. Z

    Computer Stuff

    VGA card i dont know the specs $5 NEC zip drive $30 Creative Labs SoundBlaster 16 PCI Sound Card $10 1.1 usb $5 10/100 network card $5 300watt power supply supports P4 $10 intel motherboard with P4 proccessor w/ fan with 3-256 PC133 SDRAM mother board $75 email me...
  6. Z

    LF: Fish Tank

    I am looking for 50-70 galon fish tank with or with out accesories max size 48" x 18" If anyone knows anyone looking to get rid off one for a good price. email b_strama@hotmial.com
  7. Z

    FS- 64MB ATI All in WOnder Video Card

    I am selling my extra Ati All in Wonder Card, its been only used couple months, it goes for about 140+ tax at the www.TigerDirect.com * GPU/VPU: RADEON 7500 Learn More *Maximum Resolution: 2048 x 1536 @ 60Hz * Video Memory: 64MB * Memory Type: DDR *Interface Type: PCI *Connector(s)...
  8. Z

    Looking for a XBOX

    i am looking for a xbox, in a some what good condition, hit me back if you what to sell one b_strama@hotmail.com ziggy
  9. Z

    who's going to blue for this weekend

    well i and some other friends are going to blue on saturday and staying there till sunday nite, i would not mine meeting up with some tribers and skiing with them its the weekend of march 2 and 3 peace out zig
  10. Z

    what is art? or Architecture

    This was my question of the day, it sounds stupid but for the three hours we had to answer the questions I could not get anything out of my head maybe because I been drinking a lot in last couple days so I bring this challenge to you What is architecture? Or even what is ART?