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  1. rswbrixton

    RIP PosTMOd

    my condolences to family and friends. rip..
  2. rswbrixton

    RIP MBoy

    condolences to family and friends.
  3. rswbrixton

    RIP Dave Greenfield

    Great band. Solid. Sad news.
  4. rswbrixton

    RIP Florian Schneider

    ugh. legend indeed.
  5. rswbrixton

    for UNDERWORLD fans

    fuxk fuxk fuxk
  6. rswbrixton

    What are you doing to prepare for the coronavirus??

    bought more records and cider. a couple books, and some bread.
  7. rswbrixton

    for UNDERWORLD fans

    im in. purchased in a frenzy at 10:10 this morn. lol.
  8. rswbrixton

    For Depeche Mode fans!!!

    got my tix x 4 and yeah - i would have preferred Bud Stage
  9. rswbrixton

    Your New Years Resolutions for 2017?

    okay - 25 to 30 lbs weight reduction. read a book a month, not a picture book more cooking and less take out more symphony shows less starbucks and more water volunteer more
  10. rswbrixton

    RIP George Michael

    the hi-fi is loud and warm with George Micheal tonite. fuxk. sad. the music is glorious.
  11. rswbrixton

    Merry Christmas TRIBE!

    Much joy, peace and happiness. A very Merry Christmas for you all. For everyone everywhere. Enjoy. Peace. Always. Best wishes. ...... .shawn
  12. rswbrixton

    Thinking of trying shark cage diving?

    good gawd. I'm staying on the boat every time.