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    The Youtube thread

    I don't know how to convert, but you can use VLC player to play .flv files.
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    Smashing Pumpkins appreciation thread.

    too many good songs luna sweet sweet obscured in the arms of sleep etc
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    Bands Reunited

    Motley Crue wrote better songs than you did !!
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    Help name our cats

    daphne rhiannon star whiskers ?
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    The Dirty Talk Thread

    Lights on or off ?
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    Recommended settings for Azureus bittorrent client?

    Limit your upload speed to 20k or so .. Also have a TCP and UDP enabled port, in your router and/or firewall software ..
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    How much does it cost to take the train to Quebec?

    You have to fill out your destinations and dates in order to see the prices . Try again . Look around a little, and you will find prices . Or just call them .
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    Ringtones = you're an asshat

    Ummm, that was uncalled for . Go back to high school
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    No one call me for one week starting today..

    Leave it at home ?
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    Ringtones = you're an asshat

    I *think* most phones have an email address which you can email your ringtones and whatnot to e.g. - 5195551234@rogers.com You would then receive that as a text msg and download the file to the phone . Could be wrong though . WEP is Wired Equivalency Protocol, a method of security on...
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    The Dark Side of Puppy Love

    Puppy I was able to train my dog to go outside in less than a week . She is a terrier/beagle mix . We tried *not* fussing or rubbing nose or any of that stuff that everyone claims you should not do because the dog doesn't learn . It didnt work . We then gave her huge shit and held her nose to...
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    can you break a lease legally?

    I'm inclined to believe the government website . Buuuut i've always heard you cannot get out of a lease either .
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    Skank Honto - Get Down To This! (breaks)

    Once again the one like skank honto serves it up Tasty set !
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    anyone use voip by vonage?

    I also have Primus VoIP and must say i am impressed as well . They cut my rates down apparently . $16 a month you cant go wrong !! I received this email from them - What company does that ??
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    Do you have a friend that makes you wait...and wait...and wait?

    Thats just plain disrespectful in my opinion .
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    Coolest commercial EVAR!

    Yes !! I just saw this commercial last night - on the net .. Made me chuckle
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    Bit torent help needed

    Hey, theres this awesome site out there www.google.com Hint - search for bit torrent !
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    Breaks - Spencer Daniels - Rock the FUNK Out!

    Spence, quality mix bro ! I dig the progression throughout, builds nice and subtle and has me groovin . A good sunny afternoon mix disc . :) Keep up the good work .
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    South western ontario = Twilight zone

    wow you're all so elite