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    FS: D-Link DGL-4300 Wireless Gaming Router

    I've got a D-Link DGL-4300 Wireless Gaming Router for sale, with the original box, cables, manual etc. $80 If interested, PM or e-mail @ marcinn [at] gmail [dot] com For more info: http://www.d-linkshop.ca/products.php?PID=140
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    Problem with my DVD Drive...

    I'm having weird issues with my dvd drive. I can to read and burn DVDs fine but can't do neither with CDs. Anyone had that issue before? Any idea what to do to fix it?
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    Does anyone know how to burn .mpc files using Nero. Please and thank you.
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    FS: D-Link MediaLounge DSM-320 Wireless Media Player

    http://dlink.ca/products/?sec=1&pid=318 I've got a D-Link MediaLounge DSM-320 Wireless Media Player for sale, everything included, with the original box. Play your digital music, watch your home videos, and jump through your entire library of digital photos directly on your television...
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    FS: 17" Samsung 753DF CRT Monitor

    I have a 17" Samsung 753DF CRT Monitor for sale, in excellent condition. $40 pickup, $50 delivery to a reasonable location. PM me or email me: marcinn@gmail.com
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    .avi to dvd?

    What's a good software for converting .avi to dvd? TIA! marcin
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    DDR Dual Channel question

    Ok, so i'm in a dire need to upgrade my RAM, and while checking out the prices I came across this Dual Channel deal. So my question is is it just a fancier version of ddr memory, and do you need a special socket that will support dual channel, or will a regular ddr socket work fine? Also, is...
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    Computer help

    Ok, so i recently uprgaded my comp, getting a new mobo, cpu and ram, and now when shutting it down, it just restarts instead. Anyone know what might be causing it? Any and all help appreciated. And i did try pouring water on it, so save it ;) Marc..
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    Oldschool - the game!

    http://www.oldschool-themovie.com/_GAME/game.html Don't know if it was posted before, but meh, it's worth a double post anyways, so enjoy!
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    Quiz: Sex or something else

    Sorry if its a re-post: http://www.modestypanel.com/SorSE/# got 10/16
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    Champion's League semi-finals: Inter vs. AC Milan

    No thread about it yet? Well, what a game it's turning out to be, i'm enjoying every single minute of it. It's 1:0 for AC Milan after 45. Hopefully they will go through and eventually win the cup this year. marc..
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    The Supaaa Sushi Race!!!

    Another time killer for da tribe massive. Enjoy http://www.tokidoki.it/
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    Nokia 6310i

    Just wondering if anyone has it and what they think about it. I'm thinking of getting it, so any help is appreciated.. thanks, marc..
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    good e-cards websites, anyone?

    ok, so it's that time of the year again, and i'm too cheap to send everyone an actual holiday card, and too lazy to look for a good website myself, so can anyone post a link to one? please and thank you :) marc..
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    suits - advice needed

    ok, here's the deal. my bro is getting married, plus i got my grad ceremony next month, and so i need to get a suit. the problem is i'm not a suit person, so i need the good people @ tribe to help me out... what's a good place to get one? what style should i go with? etc.. i'm looking for...
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    WOO freakin' HOO

    I just thought i announce i wrote my last exam, and i mean my LAST exam, i'm finally done my course! Yay me! :D marc <--- drunk already, and it's not even 4 yet!
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    living room on thursdays?

    I'm thinking of hitting it tommorow, but i've never been before, so what's the scoop on it? Dress code wise/clientele wise, and so on. Any and all input welcomed. Thanks, marc..
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    Best flash game ever!

    Are you suffering from the world cup fever? Don't know what to do with yourself between the games? Click here for the answer to all your problems! :D
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    Premiership: Man U. vs. Arsenal

    For those of you who dig premiership soccer, the match that should decide who will be the champion this year is currently under way. So far so good, Arsenal is winning 1:0 after a goal by Wiltold in the 57th. Will post later with the final score. marc..
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    FA Cup final: Arsenal will get a double!!!

    Not that anyone had any doubts before the game even started, but Arsenal beat Chelsea in the FA final 2:0 with goals from Ray Parlour and Fredrik Ljungberg. This means that it's 90% official that they will get the double this year. Will write more later. What a glourious day... marc...