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  1. rswbrixton

    FS-Arcade Fire tix ,March 14 ACC SHOW

    Hi there ! im goin summer show rather than spring . tix for sale ! a pair in sec 319 row 7 seats 1-2 - 80 bucks for the pair a pair in sec 311 row 6 seats 7-8 - 80 bucks for the pair Can drop off to toronto resident when i am next up - hopefully this month for Feb 18-19 for...
  2. rswbrixton

    FS - DEPECHE MODE Tix Toronto Sept 01/13

    For Sale ! 1 pair of Depeche Mode tix , for Sunday September 01/13 show at Molson Amphitheatre . SECTION 403 AISLE G SEATS 21 & 22 . 96.25 FACE value each . would like to sell as pair . selling for what i paid , or hell , i would take 160.00 for the pair . hard tix , printed at...
  3. rswbrixton

    FS- Black Sabbath ticket Aug 14 ACC

    Purchase my spare ticket , wife cannot make it , Black Sabbath at the ACC Wednesday Aug 14.13 7:30 pm . Im going , room booked , and anxious to see this show . 80.00 take a seat with a cool Kingston guy and enjoy the show ! I will be in Toronto midday Wednesday . PM me if interested - 1...
  4. rswbrixton

    The Jesus and Mary Chain @ Phoenix Aug 3rd

    Yo ! The Jesus and Mary Chain . Anyone on board planning to attend ? Aug 03/12 at Phoenix doors 8:30 Not my fave band by any means , just looking for excuse to check into the Royal York , drinks loads of Smirnoff ice and suffer guitar feedback and fuzz at 100db and 110 degree...
  5. rswbrixton

    VNV Nation Dec 02/11 - pheonix

    Any one attending !? I got a spare tick up for grabs
  6. rswbrixton

    Peter Steele , Type O Negative , deceased

    Maybe not alot of fans here - but damn fine vocalist . Peter Steele died at 48 years - heart failure . shit piss fuck damn
  7. rswbrixton

    25.00 Reward - Wanted : Licks Guk Sauce

    Okay - enuff on crazy cyclists and fancy pants saab drivers ! Listen ! 25 bucks reward paid to whomever can tell me which national retail grocery chain carries Licks Guk Sauce . I could always find at A&P , everytime without fail , and now that our local A&P have made the Metro...
  8. rswbrixton

    Ohhh !! I can't wait !!!!!

  9. rswbrixton

    My new chair(s) , gift to myself

    Ordered Saturday , a pair of Bradington Young club chairs for the maison . This pic is from manufactures website. So so gorgeous in person . Got a nice cash deal from retailer . Saved 600.00 and some tax. To arrive in early January .
  10. rswbrixton

    Thanks Grandma !!!!

    Wow ! A little family dinner action tonite at mom's place and grandma asks for the purse and the cheque book . Net worth grew 15,000.00 this afternoon. Grandma has downsized her holdings considerably and has sold home for smaller accomodation . Calls this a little token of...
  11. rswbrixton

    Today I wear ... shorts !!!

    Today is a new day and a beautiful one at that . I shall wear shorts . My first day in short pants of the new summer season . I got good legs , lots of hockey etc , but they are a little pasty pale lookin . But i got to start somewhere . Yesterday i got a good face and arm tan as i drove...
  12. rswbrixton

    General Motors .... Burn , Burn , Burn !!!

    The Mighty General Motors Corporation , even more specifically the Saturn Division ( Mechanized plastic shit ) has caused me great discomfort this evening !! Just prior to 7 pm Friends , a Saturn Ion car commercial comes on with , and i say this with great sadness , Alphaville's "Forever...
  13. rswbrixton


  14. rswbrixton

    X-Box , PS2, or Game Cube .... which one?

    Hi there. Could some friendly people provide insight, advice , tips into which game system would be best/better for purchase. It appears pretty much a neck and neck with x-box and PS-2 . Which one do the gamers really prefer. If it helps i like car racing , simulations . Let me know...
  15. rswbrixton

    'Die Another Day' official movie rides...

    Aston Martin Vanquish ( grey) , Jaguar XKR (green ) , Ford Thunderbird 007 (other) . Bond rolls in the Aston , Jinx in the T-bird and bad dude in the Jaguar.
  16. rswbrixton

    another Creed hater ...... come see ...

    this is good . but i dont care for Offspring either.
  17. rswbrixton

    Identity Help .... whats her name?

    who is this little cartoon person . i have seen many times before but cant place or recall the name . i have seen some funny little pics of this character. i got some space on upper arm that could fit a tattoo image of her nicely .
  18. rswbrixton

    Behold.... Paradise

    What a wonderful listening room .
  19. rswbrixton

    To HELL with American Idols......

    DAMN Sons of bitches are on TV again , right now - fuckin made for tv music , i wish i could pistol whip the guys and facial the women . I am just dyin at the site of this shit , ...... soon to be a 36" Sony XBR WEGA on the front lawn. This is the evil that big music produces. FUCKIN...
  20. rswbrixton

    Stock Market....peelin away the hundreds

    Well . Market hi's and low's dont faze me , and im in the market for the loong haul , so i will come out ahead . But pinch my nuts , where is some futchin good news to pull the numbers up .State side economics , and tech sector wash out and potential war has realy thrown this all to the dogs...