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    Berry Stains

    Hey Girls I need some help. I few years ago I discovered the Yves Rocher berry stain and I completely stopped using lipstick. The colour was black current berry, it tasted sweet and smelled like currents. From first try I totally fell in love with this product. It looks so natural on the...
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    My Cure to Seasonal Allergies

    As many of you, I have been struggling with allergies since I was a kid. It usually starts for me in the spring - April to May, and then it stops and resumes once again in August and continues until the frost kills all ragweed. I have tried eating honey all winter to build up my immune...
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    Happy Birthday Adam(ant)!!!

    Happy (early) Birthday! (May 15th) ;) From Tom, Iza and ME!!!! Wishing the best of everything to my favourite Adam! MMMAAA!!! See You SOON! Love Agatka
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    Animal Sex Advice from Dr. Tatiana

    Here's a fun listen for Sunday Morning. Enjoy! http://www.npr.org/templates/story/story.php?storyId=1274235
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    The nest on my window

    As I was about to step into the shower this morning, I opened up the blinds to my bathroom window to let in some natural light. To my surprise, a small bird was peaking at me through the window - looking rather scared. It was sitting in a tiny nest it created on the window ledge outside...
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    Constantine the movie

    I am not sure why, but recently I've been really enjoying scary movies. Contantine looks promising: http://constantinemovie.warnerbros.com/ Alright, so I really liked the trailer to this movie and I want to see it. Has anyone seen the sneak preview last night? I heard this flick...
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    To be helpless

    As these cold and grey days blur from one to another, as sense of sadness and melancholic feeling is creeping into my normally very upbeat way of life. This grey cloud is starting to stress me out because I can’t seem to blow it away easily. I feel a sense of helplessness…and that scares...
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    Rough Friday Morning

    First I blew the fuse in my bathroom at 5am this morning.... then I drop the hairdryer into the toilet... still plugged in. Oh... and did I mention that I ran out of HOT water while in the shower...? :( Cold shower in darkness... no flashlight!!! My hands are still shaky.
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    I love GAIM!

    My MSN has completely crashed for the last few weeks. I have uninstalled and reinstalled it several times.. and just when I was about to throw in the towel I got GAIM! Now I'm back on track! :p
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    Burlington Skyway is closed

    Big accident at noon. It will closed for at least 4 more hours. :(
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    Leg Warmers!!!

    I want some! Actually I want to make some. No more cold baby... no more cold! :D
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    Friday laughs

    I found this today and it made me LOL, so I'm sharing. Supposedly, these are actual advertisements that have appeared in papers across the country. ------------------------------------------------- Lost: small apricot poodle. Reward. Neutered. Like one of the family. A superb and...
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    My new BEST friends!

    I swear... my allergies this year are brutal... but these babies are doing the trick.... when it comes to soothing my throat and mouth.
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    I love my mom.

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    Happy Birthday CHOOCH!!!

    Wishing you all the best!!! BUZKA! AgatKA p.s. Watch your mail box in the next few days.:D
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    Jamie Cullum and his crazy JAZZ!

    Jamie Cullum Yesterday, while driving home, I heard an interview with Jamie Cullum. I was so impressed, that I need to share him with all of you music lovers. Jamie Culllum is a 24year old jazz musician. He’s a self taught piano player, who has captured an irreverent brand of...
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    AdamAnt has too many friends…or is too many fans! :p Emergency LEAF PILE!! Where’s that rake?!
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    Who the hell is KUBA?!!!

    WELCOME :p !!!
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    This SNOW!!!

    Jeeze... i'm sitting by the window, here at my desk... and I just can't believe this weather. The wind is so strong! The snow is blowing everywhere!!! It's so white outside I can't see more than 10m in front of me! WHEN WILL THIS END?!!!!
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    Choline News!

    From Duke University: Prenatal Choline Supplements Make Brain Cells Larger, Faster The important nutrient choline "super-charged" the brains of animals that received supplements in utero, making their cells larger and faster at firing electrical "signals" that release memory-forming...