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    A bunch of Proactiv Solution products - $30 - What a deal!

    Why hello! I used this stuff for ages but don't need it anymore as my skin looks pretty good now. What I'm selling is: - 1x unopened (still shrink wrapped) bottle of Renewing Cleanser (120ml) - 1x unopened (still shrink wrapped) bottle of Revitalising Toner (120ml) - 1x unopened (still shrink...
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    Hey Tribe! Can you help me get Ellen DeGeneres to call my mom on her 60th birthday?

    http://youtu.be/IBLjSy3svlse I am sorry for all the spam but I am trying to get Ellen DeGeneres to call my mom on her 60th birthday. I made a video to try and get her attention. The link is above. If you use TWITTER please tweet @TheEllenShow the link to this video: http://youtu.be/IBLjSy3svls...
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    please suggest oral surgeon for wisdom teeth removal

    hi friends of tribe i need to get my wisdom teeth out, it's a complicated situation. anyone have an oral surgeon to suggest? please let me know warm regards, fear_of_fours
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    need to hire a Sign Language Interpreter for an event!

    Do you know someone who can sign? I need them. I need a sign language interpreter to shadow and assist ONE hearing impaired guest at an educational photography lecture / workshop. The event takes place on Thursday September 9th from 1pm - 7pm. It is located in Toronto, on the east end...
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    where to buy a nice couch?

    hi tribe, you are all very mature and adult and are likely well versed in purchasing couches. can you please suggest a place? BLVD Interiors - Toronto Modern & Contemporary Furniture Store - living - sofas - Sofa - 23SO78 BLVD Interiors - Toronto Modern & Contemporary Furniture...
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    Renting a car for a month.

    I am looking to rent a car for a month. Does anyone know of a place that does this? maybe someone has a car i could rent for an entire month? Warm regards fear of fours
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    Help tribe! the morning after pill - a man's involvement?

    I'm doing a poll for my friend. A condom mishap! You take the morning after pill, and you feel ill, you didn't ejaculate into your own vagina but you get little sympathy, no phone call or text msg from the ejaculator. MEN OF TRIBE: How much involvement do you have? Do you pay for it? Do...
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    FREE: lamb vinyl Between Darkness & Wonder

    i don't have a record player. email rbaran at gmail dot com don't pm me pick up in little italy.
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    washer dryer combos (the kind that washes AND drys in one machine)

    does anyone have one of these? I need a brand name i want to try and get my landlord to get one for my apt.
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    my female roommate used my razor to shave her armpits without asking me

    that's not hygienic right?
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    do you need a photo restored or retouched? is that a heartwarming gift?

    i'm thinking about doing this to make extra money for the holidays. i think getting an old photo restored would make a very heartwarming gift. is there a market for this tribe? could also remove bags under the eyes and acne. I am taking a poll YES OR NO?
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    classy strip clubs in montreal

    doing research for a friends bachelor party. pls advise. expensive is fine. thank you.
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    FS: Trane XE 1100 High Efficiency Air Conditioner - $500

    http://toronto.en.craigslist.ca/tor/app/1341537667.html if you email mention you are from tribe not CL. thanks.
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    Accountant Needed - for new restaurant

    http://toronto.en.craigslist.ca/tor/acc/1337045484.html Please indicate in your email that you found this on tribe instead of CL. :)
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    health insurance for group or association?

    i work freelance and was wondering if i get a group of freelancers in my field together is it possible to get group health benefits ? has anyone tried this before? i have no idea where to start, im googling with no luck.
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    grown men who have single beds

    what's the deal with this? isn't this just like... admitting defeat? is this a deal breaker for you?
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    how aggressive do you get in order to stop someone from driving drunk?

    i am just curious, how up in someones face would you get in order to stop them from driving drunk? is this easier to do when it's a friend or a stranger? has anyone been in a situation like this, where some drunk asshole really wants to drive home? would you punch them and forcefully...
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    SOPHIE CAN WALK doc about kid who cant walk

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    if you have a sex dream re: someone you are interested in

    do you tell them about the dream? is this something that girls do?
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    bangs. Should i get bangs?

    should i get bangs? maybe, side swoopy ones? will they make me angry?