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  1. J

    hard+soul sunday religion: Feb.17th- Mar.10th

    taboolife presents: hard+soul every sunday @the livingroom ...continuing the tradition in fine house music... feb.17th: gaDJet + live grooves/ soulwhat feb.24th: fred everything mtl/ bombay records mar.3rd: kaje + jason barham /ckln soul fusion express mar.10th: kenny glasgow /...
  2. J

    The Dukes vs. DjShows.com - Fri.Feb.22nd

    Come and celebrate DjShows.com's one year anniversary with the infamous Toronto duo THE DUKES! It's also @m's birthday basherama! Fri.Feb.22nd, 2002 -The DUKES (@m + kf) - 2am music -Sourfly live p.a. -techno/electro/d'n'b -Greg Gow - www.restructured.net -Tekkid + Curt Martin -...
  3. J

    Fred Everything- Mtl @ hard+soul - Sun.Feb.24th

    taboolife presents: Sun.Feb.24th, 2002 Fred Everything - Mtl / Bombay Records residents: hali & rod g. hard+soul sunday religion @the livingroom 330 adelaide st.w/ peter 416.468.9916 cover:$10 www.hardandsoul.com finest in house music since 1997 -bio- DJ/Producer/Remixer...
  4. J

    Christian Pronovost-Mtl @ hard+soul -Sun.Jan.27th

    taboolife presents: Sun.Jan.27th, 2002 Christian Pronovost - Mtl (Inbeat Records)(lost heroes) residents: hali & rod g. the livingroom 330 adelaide st.w 416.468.9916 www.hardandsoul.com cover: $10 CHRISTIAN PRONOVOST -BIO- In the mid-1980s, when house music was being...
  5. J

    Pioneer EFX 500- rental needed!

    http://pioneerprodj.com/products/efx500/efx500.mv Need help in locating a shop/person who could rent me this effects unit. I've searched high and low but have had no luck. I'd be very appreciative of any leads. Cheers!
  6. J

    Dacat -Ibiza/NYC @ hard+soul -Sun.Jan.20th

    taboolife presents: Sun.Jan.20th, 2002 Dacat Ibiza/NYC residents: hali & rod g. the livingroom 330 adelaide st.w 416.468.9916 www.hardandsoul.com (press on date for info) cover: $10 Dacat bio: Born in France, his first musical influences were Soul,Funk and Latin music. But...
  7. J

    hard+soul ...for the ladies

    ...this Sunday at hard+soul, free for ladies before midnight! the livingroom 330 adelaide st.w 416.468.9916 www.hardandsoul.com (press on a date for photo and bio) n.b. next week is Dacat from Ibiza/NYC-3 decks
  8. J

    Shelter @ Roxy Blu w/ Timmy Regisford-Feb.1st

    taboolife presents: Shelter @ Roxy Blu Fri.Feb.1st, 2002 featuring: Main room: -Timmy Regisford - NYC/ Shelter -Jeremy Beckman - JMK/ Family Tree -Mike Sitchon Lounge: -Marc de Breyne - Playrecords -Noah Frank Surface: -Hali & Rod G. - Poundhouse -Jason Hynes -Paul Hogan...
  9. J

    hard+soul sunday religion Dec.30th- Jan.27th,2002

    The hard+soul tradition continues into the new year... The exciting new itinerary for the upcoming weeks are: Dec.30th: 2001 Year end residents night featuring the Poundhouse crew Jan.6th: Boo Williams Chicago 'Universal Limits' cd release party w/ Gene...
  10. J

    Boo Williams @ hard+soul / Sun.Jan.6th

    taboolife presents: sun.jan.6th,2002 Boo Williams- Chicago /Moods and Grooves 'Universal Limits' cd release party w/ Gene King & Ray Prasad /Vibes'n Vinyl hard+soul sunday religion 330 adelaide st.w./peter 416.468.9916 www.hardandsoul.com www.poundhouse.ca cover:$10 finest in house...