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    Chinese Bottle Ladies

    Gotta respect the hustle.
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    Weapon for Home Defense

    Not true. If it's in a safe, no trigger lock is required and you can have a loaded magazine right beside it (but not inserted in the handgun). If your safe is biometric/fingerprint you can go from chilling on your couch to holding a loaded handgun in about 5 seconds total. If they broke in and...
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    "No one wants to live in Scarborough"

    "loosen suburban councillors’ dominance on decision-making." That sounds amazing to me.
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    Introduce Your Avatar !

    @alexd , will using goatse as my avatar get me banned?
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    TraNceAhoLic and drug problems

    You clearly dont' know this board very well. :p
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    Weapon for Home Defense

    Tasers are prohibited weapons in Canada. You would face charges if the police even found it, let alone you using it on someone. Terrible advice. Get a big dog. They're super fun to have around and people are scared of them.
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    Custom Made/Made to Measure Suits?

    I'll vouch for the Maxwell's suits. Fits really well and the price is right.
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    Who Likes Guns?

    I went trap shooting today so I thought I'd bump this thread. I was in between work meetings so I was wearing a suit. Got through 4 rounds of 25 with minimal shoulder pain.
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    And it continues... BRUTAL - Dallas shootings via sniper ambush

    Also, he is engaged in killing people. It's part of the rules of that game that you might die. Society doesn't owe him any kid gloves. If negotiations fail, apply maximum violence as quickly as possible. If he was engaged in non-lethal attacks on society (pepper spraying people or kicking...
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    And it continues... BRUTAL - Dallas shootings via sniper ambush

    Accurately dosing a man of unknown size, in a room of unknow dimensions and unknown ventilation would be tricky, at least as I understand it. The shooter had also indicated he had bombs (although this turned out to be false after a search). If he is inadequately dosed, he now has an opportunity...
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    And it continues... BRUTAL - Dallas shootings via sniper ambush

    It's not disturbing, it's bloody amazing. I love it. This guy wasn't sipping a beer on his couch when he was drone-striked, he was taking shots at citizens and police. If there is an active shooter in my neighbourhood, I want the police to relieve him of brain function as fast as possible. Even...
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    Toronto Blackouts?

    My office at King & University was out for a chunk of Monday afternoon. I went home immediately.
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    Will Const. James Forcillo get off for gunning down Sammy Yatim?

    The word "hero" has been so diluted over the years that it holds almost no meaning these days. The media has really abused it, but so has the general population. In this environment of plummeting standards for being a hero, I think we just hit rock bottom. Somebody on the news (a guest, not...
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    2015 - Year In Review !!!

    This year was almost entirely highs with just a few lows. Life is good. Got married to the mother of my two children. Bought a house. Lost 30 pounds. Finally made it to Division 1 squash at my club. Made it to the semi-finals in my first season playing these tougher opponents. My son...
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    Comfort Zone suing Toronto Police for 23 million dollars

    I hope they win and then reinvest the entire $23 M into refurbishing the zone to look like the lobby of the Shangri-La Hotel.
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    She had the intelligence, creativity and ability, if she didn't stab you in a vital organ

    News stories are way more interesting when it involves an attractive female, even when looks have no bearing on the subject matter. I thought everybody knew that.
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    Pot/Marijuana Appreciation

    The number of 3 am Tribe posts asking for the I Drinx number are a testament to this.
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    Tory has been Mayor for a year now. Has he actually done anything?

    He ticket bombed and towed along Bloor St in the morning, thus getting me to work faster and financially punishing morons. All hail John Tory!
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    Can you vote wearing a jib jab?

    Well.... honor killing is always an option. This young girl was killed in Mississauga, because she didn't want to wear her hijab. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Murder_of_Aqsa_Parvez ..but religion is beautiful. We should never forget that. All praise the invisible sky wizard.
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    Zanta has returned!

    In subsequent posts she said she was too focused on the aggression from the crazy person to think about it. I can see that. The bystanders really should have pressed it though. Her comments about being so focused on Zanta don't 100% jibe with her comments about no men signalling they were...