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    Catholic School Graduates: How much rape/dogma did you receive?

    I'm trying to figure out my son's school options next year. He is Catholic but hasn't set foot in a church since he was baptized. I am not a big fan of the religion but my partner is Catholic so I compromised with the baptism. How different is it the Catholic system? How much religion is there...
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    Oct 20, any dubstep in Toronto?

    I'm going out with a buddy for his birthday. He has been saying that we need to hit a dubstep party at some point. Any ideas?
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    Beer Delivery Number Right Fucking Now

    I called the long standing number that starts with 416 606 . Disconnected. New number?
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    How Many Tribe Babies Are There?

    This message board has been responsible for a slew of sketchy sex. So, so, so much. It boggles the mind. How many babies has this resulted in? Do you have a baby that has two registered members as parents? I knocked up L Train twice.
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    Is This Really "Fighting Cancer"?

    A friend sent me an invite to "an evening to fight cancer". You go to some bar. There is a band. You can/are supposed to make a donation. A portion of the bar sales go to "fight cancer". This is all inspired by some friend of theirs that has cancer. If you read their whole shtick all the way to...
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    Inexpensive Place To Replace Smashed IPhone Screen?

    You all seem like and affluent and clumsy lot. Has anybody had a good and inexpensive experience at any of the random places to get this done?
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    2002 and 2012 NYE Party Plans?

    So, what are you doing tonight? I'm staying in because it is really hard to get a babysitter on NYE. If I had a babysitter I would be headed to a house party.
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    Good Airport Limo company??

    wow, the reviews of the places I'm looking at online are all super shady. Can somebody recommend a place that will show up on time in a car from this century?
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    Harvest 2011

    The good: 1. The music 2. The vibe 3. The insane amount of decoration 4. The day time weather on both days The bad: 1.the freezing early morning 2. Super sketchy crowd. I haven't been since 2008 and that crowd has definitely changed
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    Etiquette Of Not Wanting Hard Liquor In Bottle Service Booth

    I'm going out with people from my industry tonight. They have reserved 2 bottles and a booth at some club. I want nothing to do with hard liquor. I want to sip beer. What is the etiquette behind this? Do I pay for my beers + contribute something towards the premium paid on the bottles for the...
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    FS: $100 Best Buy gift certificate for $85

    I've got it, I don't need it. You (might) need it, you can have it. For $85. Located in Etobicoke and occasionally downtown. PM me.
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    Stimulating Alternatives To Coffee?

    I work minimum 70 hours a week. I have a 1 year old at home who isn't sleeping through the night. I'm a walking zombie without 5 coffees a day + 5 Hour Energy drinks. I tried to go without and it failed horribly. I fell asleep in a chair in my bosses office. I fell asleep behind the wheel for...
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    Maximising Your Hourly Wage - Hobo Edition

    If you were homeless and ambitious what would you do to make the most money as possible? Funny sign? Dog? Wheelchair? What area of town? What age would you want to be? Mother of 3? War vet? I would probably amputate something. People are always skeptical of a hobo with a crutch. My stump...
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    I Need A Small Cannister of Oxygen

    Enough for 2 foot races. The health/sport type, not the emphysema type. Does anybody know where I can buy some in Toronto?
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    Home Depot Battle Royale - What 3 Weapons Do You Choose?

    disclaimer: this is not an original thread. I wish it was because it is a great one. A bunch of message boards have done it. So you are chosen to compete against 9 other people. All ten of you are locked in a standard Home Depot, that is dark except the emergency lights above the exits. The...
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    Anyone know of a cheap, simple program for buildng a webstore?

    Something for a person who's not all that tech savvy - ideally you just plug in your pics and text and the cart is ready to go (Vendio and Ecrater are no good). Non-US host preferred.
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    Good Place To Have A Computer Built

    Anybody know a good company/person that builds computers?
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    Recommendations For Bachelor Party TONIGHT

    Long story short: There was a boat booked for a cruise but it has fallen apart last minute. What is going on in the city tonight for a bunch of guys to get reckless? Absolutely no club events (yes, I do realize I'm posting on Tribe).
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    A question about shipping boxes and empty vials

    My brother is in search of a 1. free source of boxes that are smaller than shoe boxes, to be used for shipping. smoking more cigarettes is not an option. 2. Where to buy empty cologne-sample vials or other small water-tight vials any ideas collective tribe brain?
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    $1577 / 1br - Ground floor Annex- 1st month rent discount

    Brunswick and Bloor 1 bedroom main floor apartment, + living room + dining room. Walk out to private backyard + basement storage and garage. Dishwasher and Laundry on premise. Steps to bloor and TTC. Hardwood floor through most. Professionally managed lawn and snow care. If you rent by...