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    Van cell providers

    so i'm in the market for a cell phone....and i'm wondering who has what provider? how's the customer service? best phones? help a brother out.
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    bush's press conference

    in a word? comedy. lots of big pauses, stumbing, stuttering, buzzwords and all your favourite bush a lot of rhetoric, not a lot of specifics. is anyone surprised?
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    did we break yousendit?

    it's okay, little guy *snif she's gone to a better place now *sob
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    which dizzee rascal tune....

    ...is the one with the video that starts out with an old english lady talking about "now children, today's nursery rhyme will be read by dizzee rascal" or some such nonsense. the beat sounds like a kid's nursery rhyme.
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    to everyone involved in "set wars 2005"

    i'm still waiting for some marcus studio tapes! preferably: -"deep in the jungle 1994" -any of the "london soundz" series i've got a trophy right here for anyone who can post the first one!
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    stussy a corporate "tool"

    stussy & corporate "cool" <3
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    son of the "jobs in van" thread.

    i need a job downtown, in merchandising. help!
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    minitrack challenge

    prepare to waste time
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    kazaa (and fastrack in general) = SHIT

    this network sucks my white ass...every second file i get is corrupted or doesn't work! fuck kazaa. right in the anal.
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    what a stereotype. i mean sure, there are definitely SOME people who personify the stereotype (some of them are even serious about it...yikes), but it's my firm belief that the term "wigger" is used as a blanket term for all white people who have a love for hip hop music. so just because i'd...
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    Free Yayo

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    UNC vs the state

    what an awesome game....UNC is schooling the state right now. michigan just put down 2 BIG 3's, there's around 4 minutes left! it's definitely possible for them to catch up. neither of them will beat illinois though.
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    new adidas commercial, directed by spike jonze

    whenever i wake up....
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    why is it...

    ...every time i try and find an mp3 of foul play "music is the key", all that comes up ius that GODDAMN FREAKY FLOW CD!!!! yargh
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    man, this cat just keeps getting better and better! i've been bumping "1st infantry" for a while now, and it just keeps growing on me, songs i used to think were "meh" i now bump on the regular... "our boyyy AAAAAL...."
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    so tell me....

    why is there no more mixes being posted? come ON, people! :p
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    terry schiavo media circus

    for god's sake, just let this woman die and stop the circus.
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    Dr. Oetker pizza is kill

    just in the middle of a pizza speciale right now. there's a pizza mozzarella in the freezer for later.
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    i'm not wearing any pants!

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    alone in the wilderness

    anyone seen this show? it's on PBS. this guy makes a log cabin, and everything in it FROM SCRATCH, with an axe and a few hammers and saws and other implements. it's fucking NUTS! really cool show.