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    Happy Birthday cosmic

    JOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOEEEEEEEEEYYYYYYYY!!!! u rock! and roll =P and the cheeze and crakas picture made my day! i still think we should look into our business idea. haha =)
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    holy crap. thanks for the heads up i would have shot myself if i didnt get tickets to this....or ended up paying a shitload like i did for jamiroquai!
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    Jamiroquai @ Koolhaus

    wow. thats all I can say. the night ended up being a blur from excitment. went alone. stupid thing to do i guess but i wasnt goign to miss my favorite band of all time and my favorite leading man. going alone is a big deal for me too. i dont go ANYWHERE alone. i paid 130 for a ticket from...
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    Jamiroquai @ KH

    This sucks more ass than has ever been sucked before in the history of sucking ass!
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    Jamiroquai @ KH

    i called and the chick said no tickets at the door, but maybe u have more info than me.
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    Jamiroquai @ KH

    my nickname. Cosmic. Comes from their song cosmicgirl...I have been obsessed with Jamiroquai and Jay's dancing moves for about 6? years now? Yet this cosmic girl still doesnt have a ticket in her hand.... If i dont go i am going to have no choice but to dislike each and every one of you...
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    WANTED - Jamiroquai ticket or tickets

    I am still looking for tickets...although... I might end up having to buy two tickets and I only need one. If I end up having an extra ticket I will post it online as soon as I have it. Cuz otherwize I'm stuck with one ticket I can't use.... =( I HAVE TO GO TO THIS CONCERT!!!!!
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    WANTED - Jamiroquai ticket or tickets

    Check ur pms. and to all interested...mainly lori and derek ...yes....i am officially back in toronto....for awhile at least.....
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    WANTED - Jamiroquai ticket or tickets

    Loriiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!!!!!!! =P ps. to all looking for tickets, they look to be going for about 150 from scalpers on the net and on ebay for even more.
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    WANTED - Jamiroquai ticket or tickets

    still looking for tickets...... thanks
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    WANTED - Jamiroquai ticket or tickets

    thanks for the tip. and i feel ur pain. tickets went on sale saturday and i heard about it sunday....ive been checking jamiroquai's website the past couple months to see if they were comming to canada and they showed nothing...and of course the first couple weeks i dont check i end up missing...
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    WANTED - Jamiroquai ticket or tickets

    I just read the thread that Jamiroquai is comming to town and i didn't realize this in time to get a ticket. Please email me if you want to sell or know someone who has an extra ticket or two. cosm1c@hotmail.com Thanks Alot, Amber
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    BASSBIN F'n TWINS!!!!!

    anyone know how much tickets are going to be at the door? thanks. -amber
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    djshmeejay.com :: All-new design and content!

    Benja! You have always made me laugh my ass off and with this website you continue that legacy... -cookielady
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    Happy B-day To The One And Only Willar X

    Happy birthday babe! =) - amber
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    Happy Birthday Robb G.

    Happy birthday Robb!!! - amber :D
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    icq problem

    i am a highspeed sympatico user and i cant connect to icq cuz it says stuff about firewalls n crap... im useless when it comes to this sorta stuff... can anyone help?
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    I'm going back to school!

    meeetooo I'm in class right now... at Algonquin College in Pembroke(north/west of Ottawa just by Petawawa) in a course called Adventure Naturalist. Last week we went to Wilderness Tours and did rafting, mountain biking, canoeing and sea kyaking, along with some classes on tree...
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    Premier/Curzons HEALTH CLUB MEMBERSHIP, good deal, need to transfer my membership!

    thanks....ill fone the manager tomorrow and tell her i know someone that did it....they should let me do it then. =P ps.....if anyone still wants in there is 7 months left on the contract as of september and if you want a gym membership its a good deal..... otherwize....im gunna cancel...