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    Connecting PS3 to the Wireless Network

    Hi All, I just bought a Ps3 last weekend (before anyone goes 'why didn't you get a ps4'.. i'm not paying $500 bucks for a gaming console) .. I have a mac and i've been trying forever to try to connect this to my wireless router. I have googled and youtubed videos and nothing is helping...
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    Top Scary Movies!

    Hi All, I'm compiling a list of my all time top 31 movies! I picked movies that generally made me jump or cover my eyes. I didn't put Rosemary's baby, The shining, Texas Chainsaw Masacar (original), bc those movies didn't scare me. I know they're classics but I just didn't find them that...
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    FS: Kitchen Table w/ 5 Chairs

    Hi All, I'm selling a kitchen table and it comes with 5 chairs! I'm selling it for $100.00. It's good for any student, or someone who is starting out and doesn't have a table yet! I'm moving October 1st into a smaller apartment.. no roommates wahoo.. I can't fit the table though so I have to...
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    Fit Factory / O Course

    Hi All, Anyone ever take Tony A's fit factory class? Fit FActory is located at yonge/wellsley and on the weekend he does the Ocourse down at the docks. The o course is more intense so i hear. I took his class a few months ago and it was really intense.. we ran to Queens Park and proceeded to...
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    Protein bar/ball recipes

    Hi all, Just wondering if anyone makes their own bars or balls? I was going to make peanut butter protein balls today and I thought I had honey but looks like I don't, so that will have to wait until tomorrow. This is the recipe I'm using 1/3 cup natural peanut butter 1/4 cup honey 1 scoop...
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    Religion question

    Hey.. I just want to know your guys opinions on this. I have a friend who recently became extremely religious. She is a serious bible thumper. All she listens to are psalms and when she goes for a run she doesn't listen to music.. she listens to psalms. It's actually worrisome that it...
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    Online Dating sites from a guys perspective

    hey guys :) I figured I would do some research.. My friends keep telling me to go on online dating sites.. ughhh Right now I don't have much time but soon i will.. so i figured i'd pose this question to all of you. What do you guys typically look for when you are browsing the profiles? Do...
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    Happy Bday ChrisD!!!!

    What? No ChrisD appreciation thread yet??? I know you don't check tribe on the weekends so you'll get this tomorrow but happy bday mongo!!!
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    omg.. seriously. what is the world coming to. 'Baby shot dead in stroller'

    Horrific.. :( I thought my eyes were playing tricks on me when this popped up in my twitter feed. Baby shot dead in stroller is the 2nd child mother loses to violence - The Globe and Mail
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    Canada Women's Soccer June 2nd vs USA!

    HEY GUYS! so who is going to this? My company owns the soccer association and so we got pre-sale tickets for 20% off! I grabbed 5 yesterday. I'm so excited! I'm usually not that big of a soccer fan.. just during the london olympics I watched the huge upset that happened when the US had a...
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    Electrolyte Supplements

    Hi All, I'm researching electrolyte supplements. I need it for endurance. On Sunday my team had an amazing talk from two physiotherapists who were on the medical team for the 1997, 2004, 2008 and London 2012 Olympics. The two types that they recommended were HEED and PERPETUEM. I...
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    Canada Games Centre says no to short shorts

    A dress code? Really? I don't even know what to say to this. What if Good Life or other fitness clubs started enforcing a dress code? I dont think i would have anything to wear!
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    Game Changer Competition

    Hi Everyone, The discussion in the cross fit thread made me want to show you guys this work out. I mentioned it awhile ago in the guy forum.. in the work out thread. This challenge is very popular among the paddling teams. That's how I heard about it and I googled it to see what they were...
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    Creating ringtones w/ iPhone 5

    Hi all, I've been looking for 30 minutes on how to add a song as my ringer. It's so difficult. Below is what i tried to do! 1) right click on song and go to get info 2) put the to and end time 3) click OK 4) right click on song and click on 'create acc' file 5) drag ACC file to desk top 6)...
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    How do I clean my Macbook monitor?

    Hi, Sorry if this has already been posted, but can anyone recommend anything to clean a macbook monitor with? I was told Microfibre cloths? I somehow got some drops of water on it and it's smudged. Tks!
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    Running Playlist

    Not sure where to put this thread, but it's geared towards runners so figured I'd put it in the 'health' forum. I normally run with no music, however I just bought ear buds and plan to run with music this sunday. I've been spending the past few hours downloading/searching fun electronic...
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    Yoga Event Fundraiser

    Hi All, My paddling team are hosting a yoga event at One Tooth on Feb 11th from 630 to 730pm.. There will be swag bags/prizes. We are going off to nationals in Victoria BC in August to try to qualify for the World Championships out in Italy in 2014.. Hope you can come out and support us...
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    Even Fit Women can't do pull ups -- study finds

    You’re lean. You’re strong. You’re in good physical condition. So why can’t you perform a single pull-up? Relax. Scientists at the University of Dayton in Ohio have found that even fit women struggle to do the exercise manoeuvre, which involves gripping a bar overhead and pulling your body...
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    Youngest Teen to swim across Lake Ontario

    Annaleise Carr just arrived at Marilyn Bell Park! It took her 27 hours and she's raised $30,000 for Camp Trillum!! So amazing! She is the youngest to have ever swam across lake ontario! Teen aims to become youngest to swim Lake Ontario - Toronto - CBC News
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    IQ Booster: GO FOR THE GOLD