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    Big Tribe is watching you

    Now you can tell on each other without having to send an email. How quaint.
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    Congrats Gizmo

    Welcome to the club. Now when asked for id at the border, you can pass him your citizenship card and tell that inbred cracker mutherfucker to suck it. Obviously, we can both agree that it is a grave error on the part of the officials of this country to permit you citizenship status. No...
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    ...your box is full I have some new racist material to share with you. You'll love it.
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    audiofarm.cc Anybody have an extra invite to this site for me please? :)
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    Jeff - Just blame it on the medication - Reardon

    Source PALM BEACH GARDENS, FLA.—Jeff Reardon, one of the top relief pitchers in Major League history, was charged with robbing a jewellery store, then blamed his arrest on medication he was taking for depression. The 50-year-old Reardon, retired since 1994 and sixth in career saves...
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    Florida high school to erect statue of Vince Carter

    LOL, this is some funny fucking shit! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- DELAND, Fla. -- A nearly life-size sculpture of NBA All-Star Vince Carter will be erected in front of his Daytona Beach high school, despite objection from some board members...
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    empty your box!
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    McClear Digital Liquidation

    Dr Trance started a thread about this so I'm linking to that thread. They are getting rid of everything so you might be able to get a sweet deal link to thread In case the thread gets deleted or moved, here is the link to the liquidation site
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    Crashed Winnipeg plane had flu, herpes viruses aboard

    Toronto Star WINNIPEG A cargo plane on its daily run crashed on railway tracks not far from Winnipegs city centre today, killing the pilot but missing buildings and vehicles in the area, police said. Although the plane was carrying small amounts of frozen influenza and herpes viruses, the...
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    Toronto Beer Festival

    a gorgeous day the beginning to Selecta's bday week rowdy polka music drunken brawls lots of beer lots of beer lots of beer lots of beer...
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    Kingston Tribers r u out there?

    Hellllooooooooo! Anyone? Anyone? Beuller? Beuller?
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    The Four Horsemen or Lebron gone mad

    Source Cleveland Cavaliers forward LeBron James has dropped agent Aaron Goodwin, who negotiated more than $135 million in endorsement deals for the 20-year-old in the past two years. James sent a standard letter to the NBA players association Monday saying he had ended his relationship...
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    Ragga Jungle

    Looking for lots of Ragga Jungle sets to download. Suggestions? Links?
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    Emergency! Tribe down! Tribe down!

    Whew, now I can get back to work.
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    ~ the NFL 05/06 thread ~

    I figured that with the draft happening this weekend it's time to acknowledge the end of last season and the beginning of something new. ESPN's boy Len Pastabelli is reporting that the Chiefs have concluded the trade for Miami cornerback Patrick Surtain. The Dolphins get the Chiefs second...
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    OMG!! 2 Spacebabes?

    I could deal with the kyfe/kife thing but this a whole different ball of wax. Somebody had better shoot unique2100 with a tranquilizer gun before he hurts himself.
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    Girl you know it's true...

    One day, we will look back and reflect upon the unfair treatment given to the greatest lip synchers the world has ever known. We will give them back their Grammys(one posthumously RIP Rob Pilatus) and we will embrace the time honored practice of lip synching. Looking back on it all now...
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    Activate Loft Party

    Wow! As always these guys put on the best jams. Robb G and Jelo threw it down something fierce. So many wikked tracks being dropped, everyone going apeshit on the dancefloor. Thanks Activate. Good times, good times.
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    Looking for Recording Studios in Downtown Toronto

    I was looking to find a good small to mid size recording studio in the downtown core. I've already done the obligatory internet search and was wondering if anyone on here could list a studio or studios they know of, or have had good dealings with.
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    JeremyJive, clean out yer filthy box

    I give you special price....$250, can register, upgrade etc