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    Grime Mix-from the Streets of Steel-City.

    Here it is! We finally decided to put together a grime mix to promote the upcoming launch of www.hostile.ca, and give people a chance to hear what grime music is all about. 'TRUE GRIME: Streets of Steel City' is loaded with tons of proper tunage from some of the hottest grime mc's and producers...
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    Event listing for Mauro Picotto&Sven Vath???

    so ..I check the 'upcoming events' section...and I'm like WTF?? Tribe is fuct. Unless..anyone can say otherwise. Where is there an official event listing for this party???:confused:
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    No msn messenger option in your profile? No hotmail accounts to register? What is the dilly yo?:confused: [please excuse me if this has already been discussed]
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    Aquabass Jungle Boat Cruise-Destiny Aug.23

    I had wikkid time @ the last one. Definitely good times ahead. ok...the lineup is......check the link. I'll tell you one thing! SNIPER. http://www.torontojungle.com/interactive/forum/topic.asp?TOPIC_ID=8890 yes yes.:D
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    House music scene in Hamilton.

    First of all. Why do the moderators feel the need to delete so many threads? Please tell me what was said in that previous thread that was improper. Second of all. The house music scene is not too bad in Hamilton. 905ive throws down some proper events. Not enough hard chicago house or...
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    Event listing for dj BamBam???

    Why isn't there an event listing for the party on the 8th??:confused: This place is weird.
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    Ali G in da House

    Me loves dat movie!! Ali G is smoof. WickEd! Quillions of laughs. Me think e's ilarious. Check it out. Ali G Website Dig your main man, SAM;) :D
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    Chicago House on the net

    HEllO! I would like to know of any good websites to find good Chicago house to listen to. I like dj Bam Bam, Angel Alanis, Frankie Bones, Josh da Funky1, Dj Funk, CZR......etc........ For instance......breakbeat.co.uk is an excellent site to point and click for sick Dnb....are there...
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    Kamikaze&Navigator @Cyrus in Hamilton????

    So I heard this little rumor about this hardhouse getdown thats suppossed to be at Cyrus/Bluenotes in Hamilton on Sat.26. Fact or Fiction?? Can anyone help me out please and thank you! SAM
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    Props to y'all

    Calgary is a sweet place to live. Lotsa nice pubs and restaurants. Everything is classy, clean and down to earth. The air is so fresh here mmmmm....and the sky....and the mountains. I love it. Everyone here seems to live up to a high standard..and everyone is healthy looking. Nice. Very...
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    I'm in Calgary right now. And I'm bored. Help.

    I'm visiting the fam in Calgary rite now. It's the weekend. If there is anything cool in Calgary to check out could someone please tell me???? I'd like to check shit out. I like Jungle but I don't expect there to be any here. Any electronic underground club nights?? I'm not too picky...