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    WANTED - Jamiroquai ticket or tickets

    I just read the thread that Jamiroquai is comming to town and i didn't realize this in time to get a ticket. Please email me if you want to sell or know someone who has an extra ticket or two. cosm1c@hotmail.com Thanks Alot, Amber
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    icq problem

    i am a highspeed sympatico user and i cant connect to icq cuz it says stuff about firewalls n crap... im useless when it comes to this sorta stuff... can anyone help?
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    Premier/Curzons HEALTH CLUB MEMBERSHIP, good deal, need to transfer my membership!

    PREMIER/CURZONS FITNESS CLUBS membership I am moving to Pembroke Ontario and since there is no club nearby I need to transfer my membership to someone. I think it's a good deal...I got it at a corporate rate through Go Transit.... HERES THE DEAL GOLD MEMBERSHIP ANY premier/curzons...
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    new to the renting scene need lease info....

    i dont know if this has been covered on tribe lately and if so sorry.... otherwize...... i need info on what is/isn't or should/shouldn't be in a lease.... i know nothing..... Are there some leases that you CANNOT get out of? Or is there always a clause that you can give a certain...
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    Microsoft Access Database...need a screen capture of a file

    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE.....I am begging you... I need a screen capture of a .mdb file. Please email me at cosm1c@hotmail.com or add me to msn with that email addy or icq 1998590 It's a housing list that I need...I'm moving and I need to make the calls as soon as possible....the lady at...
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    camping..........good places to go

    ok.....need some advice...... i am a bonified albion hills camper.......its close, and theres lots of drunkards and its pretty good, if not great for 20 minutes north of etobicoke....better than some of the "real" parks ive been to actually, some of the campsites are pretty nice and its a...
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    super stressed out

    here was my week - got in a fight, went with out talkin with this person for a week - fainted for the first time in my life and knocked my head pretty good and will have a huge bruise this same time tomorrow - thought someone put something in my drink when i was out this week and poured...
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    anyone tried crest whitening strips?

    Has anyone tried them or know how they adhere to your teeth? I don't want to do my whole rack of teeth, =) only a few, so I was thinking I could cut the strip down and just use it on a few teeth....... Anyone know?
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    Bleaching over dyed hair??? Anyone?

    I want to go blonde or do some blonde streaks, and my hair is dyed a deep red right now.... I'm scared that bleaching my whole head, or even just bleaching the stips of hair i want streaked will kill my hair....... anyone have any experience with this? thanx =) ........maybe i should...
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    HELP - anyone know lotus (spreadsheet application)

    I need some info or a lesson in lotus' spreadsheet application. I know Microsoft Excel(a little bit, and I have a training cd) but I've never used Lotus before. On my application for a job I stated my knowledge of Microsoft Excel but they are testing on Lotus, and I assume it's the spreadsheet...