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    Markham beer store closed until tomorrow

    Just thought I'd post this in case some other tribers in the area were going to trek there for beer today. :(
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    Creepiness at the Christmas party

    I didn't attend my company's party this Saturday for a number of reasons, not least of which is a supervisor in my department. She's my age (32 or 33) & very masculine looking. She lives at home (not that there's anything wrong with that) & is an in-the-closet lesbian (again, not that...
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    Beaumont Hamel

    I know there are a few Newfs on the board & just wondered if their thoughts are of July 1, 1911 right now as well. http://www.vac-acc.gc.ca/general/sub.cfm?source=memorials/ww1mem/beaumonthamel
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    temporarily disconnected?

    An NDP campaigner in my (was Gerrard Kennedy's riding) riding called me a couple of times about working for the NDP candidate. I just tried to call him back & it says his line is temporarily disconnected. WTF is up with that? I don't think that it was b/c he didn't pay his bill. From...
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    Preparing for a power outage with an aquarium

    Any tips? I just got home from my evening shift & the landlord posted a note on my door saying the power would be out from about 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. I'm looking after my ex's fish tanks & don't know if I'll be able to get in touch with him tomorrow. I read something about unplugging the...
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    best place for digital cameras?

    The computer store next to my building was going to order one for me but it's been over a week. I'm wondering where the best deals for cameras are. I don't want anything super fancy but zoom & a timer would be nice.
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    Rejoice, Rejoice, King St. construction is almost done

    Er, College St. is next, though . . . In a holiday gift to the quickly growing King Street West neighbourhood (''Liberty Village'' to real estate agents) the city reopened this section of King to traffic and streetcars on Tuesday. This brings an end to the four-month shutdown, during which...
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    Pot laws are constitutional grrr

    Breaking news from CBC News Online: _______________________________________________ Fines and jail time for possession of pot are allowed under the Constitution, says the Supreme Court of Canada.
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    holy crap, they've found Saddam

    Breaking news on BBC (and done much more crappily on CNN) BBC has a reporter talking about it whereas CNN has some night vision shots of soldiers "smoking cigars" after the arrest.
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    The president's dog

    Apparently, this video of the president's dog is very popular. His dog's name is Barney. To me, it really shows how uninspiring the president is if he's named his dog with a name associated with the stupid dinosaur. Also, Bush couldn't be more wooden if he tried...
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    Happy birfday, Robb G!

    I know you've already partied early in celebration but we'll have more beers this weekend! The Guvernment gig is coming up soon, too, eh? :) :) :)
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    Stomach and liver cancer

    Yes, a light thread for the day . . . they opened up my dear uncle and they're not optimistic. Stupid google's not helping me and my family's too upset to deal . . . fuck stupid healthy bastard who never smoked, is super 27-holes-of-golf cuz he's bored healthy was just operated on ...
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    streetcar jam on Queen St.

    Anyone get any pics or am I still a total noob to t.o. and a long line of streetcars on Queen St. is a normal event? It looked really cool & I wondered what the cause of it might be (they had their hazards on so it wasn't an electricity problem, was it?).
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    Parkdale's worst landlords online

    OK, so it ain't porn but I think it's a cool idea: Website puts Parkdale's worst landlords online Toronto — A group of disgruntled tenants have launched a website aimed at shedding light on what they say are slum-like conditions in their west end Toronto community...
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    Most important thing ever

    This is bound to be a while "Body is a wonderland" is permanently playing on my computer.
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    Here comes Isabel

    The rain is crashing down, the wind is hitting my house. I love when coastal weather hits us!
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    Dogs on TTC?

    A guy got on the Queen streetcar with a dog the other day. If your dog is well behaved, can you get away with getting him on transit?
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    I need a DVR/PVR

    Does ANYONE here have a TiVo type of machine? I'm technologically retarded but b/f has a clue. We've got stolen Rogers cable and might be able to scam satellite from a family member. I've done the google/froogle search - just need some first-hand accounts of anyone who has a DVR/PVR Thanks...