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    FS: October Metropass (Last Week) - $25

    I am selling my adult October metropass at the end of this week as I'm going away on vacation. It's available from Friday, October 22nd anytime after 5pm until the end of the month. That's 10 days of use! Pick-up is at High Park subway station. If interested please send me a PM or an...
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    FS: All-in-One Printer - Brand New

    Epson Stylus NX200 All-in-One Printer - Asking $50 Overview * Print speeds up to 32 ppm (black and colour) * Memory card slots and PictBridge™ port * One-touch copying, high quality scanning * Individual ink cartridges * Smudge, fade and water resistant prints *...
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    Aquarium Items for Sale

    Beautiful Zebra Rocks - All 5 pieces - $15 This is what they look like inside of a 46 gallon aquarium: *** Nice piece of driftwood - brand new - never been opened. I paid $16.99 + tax for this piece but asking only - $12 *** The Essential Freshwater Aquarium...
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    Ikea Floor Lamp - $10

    NOT Ikea Floor Lamp Product dimensions Height: 174 cm Base diameter: 28 cm Shade diameter: 30 cm Cord length: 1.9 m Asking: $10 Located downtown Toronto (Front & Spadina). If interested please send me an e-mail.
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    FS: Metal Halide Lamp - 250W DE HQI 20K

    250W DE Metal Halide (asking $325) Comes with HQI 20K ballast, pendant, cables, lamp, and includes hanging wires! * Lamp works great, but bulb will need replacement soon * The ballast is a STANPRO model #BALM0250TCA * I believe this is a pulse start ballast, but I'm not sure if it's...
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    Starfire Saltwater Aquarium Setup

    Starfire Saltwater Aquarium Setup for ONLY $550! What you get: TANK · 65 gallon Starfire Display · Measures 36” x 18” x 24” · Custom built by Ryan from Extreme Marine · Back is painted black with krylon fusion paint · Pre-drilled with center overflow · Pipe and a self made...
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    FS: Full Aquarium Setup - 65 Gallons

    Everything you need to run a salt water aquarium! Please scroll down for further description of each item. The price (only $700 o.b.o.) includes the following: -Aquarium -Stand -Sump/Refugium -ViaAqua 3600 return pump -200W heaters (2) -SCWD water motion device -All hoses & plumbing...
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    Aquarium Test Kits for Sale!

    Seachem Multitest: Marine Basic Test Kit (Used about 1/2 asking for $25 or best offer) This kit combines the Marine pH & Alkalinity, Ammonia and Nitrite & Nitrate kits into one kit. (pH, alkalinity, free/total ammonia, nitrite, nitrate Multi Test Kit) o Multi-cavity plate for...
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    Saltwater setup for sale!

    Due to limited time and funds we have decided to sell our aquarium, and everything that comes with it. Although we're parting everything out, if anyone would be willing to pay us $2,500 for everything, it's yours! (Including delivery in the GTA, with your help ofcourse) Please see here...
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    FS: Saltwater Fish - Blue Green Chromis

    Green-Blue Chromis (Chromis Viridis) They're a great, peaceful, and very hardy fish! $7 each, or buy 2 or more for $5 each. I have 3 total that I'm selling. You can send me a PM or e-mail me at espots@gmail.com if interested.
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    FS: Test Kit & Auto Fish Feeder

    Nutrafin Mini Master Test Kit (Fresh and Saltwater) · Contains pH (Low Range/Fresh Water), pH (High Range/Fresh and Salt Water), Ammonia (Fresh Water), General and Carbonate Hardness (Fresh and Saltwater) and Nitrite (Fresh and Saltwater) tests · Provides quick, accurate results · Comes...
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    FS: Programming Textbooks

    C++: The Complete Reference by Schildt, Herbert Price $20 UNIX Shell Programming, 4th Edition [Paperback] by Arthur, Lowell Jay; Burns Price: $25 Computing Concepts With Java Essentials [Paperback] by Horstmann, Cay S. Price: $25 The books are all in great condition...
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    FS: Beautiful Bengal Kitten!

    Beautiful female bengal kitten available! She has black tri-coloured rosettes on a clear golden background coat, with glitter. She is very type in her confirmation, with a nice length to her body, a thick tail, and a very pretty face! On top of all that, she has an awesome puuuursonality...
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    Disable MSN Messenger in Systray?

    Does anyone know how to stop MSN Messenger from loading/sitting in your System Tray? I'm using MSN Messenger 5.0, and I can't close it as I get this message: "There are other applications currently using features provided by Windows Messenger. You must close these other applications before...
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    Track ID

    Fist track of the Koma & Bones Kiss FM set from 08-12-01. It's a remix of "State of Grace" by Swayzak feat Kristy Hawkshaw. Anyone know what remix this might be? E-spot aka Joanna
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    Track Id!

    Around the 26:00 mark in the Ray Keith NYE set on Drum & Bass arena: http://www.breakbeat.co.uk/listen/listen-live.html (track right before Metrosound) E-spot aka Joanna