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  1. K

    dj cave

    The other day Oddmyth told me to check out this site featuring Dj Cave (norway I think). Its got a pretty sick mix on it I think you people should totally check out! Something along the lines of 45 tracks in 81 minutes! Anyways here the link - check it out. http://www.cave.no/demo-mix.shtml
  2. K

    Downloading now! Kid Kinetik - insideout

    Hey everyone! This is my latest mix "insideout" Feel free to download it from…… http://dj.vidman.ca/kidkinetik/ Track List….. 1. Andrew Richley & Ryan Rivera - Strange Behaviour - Terminal 2. Ben Sims - 101 the Basics - Tresor 3. Dan Corco & Fred Carreira - Cant Stop - Rotation...
  3. K

    filters, filters, filters

    Im looking for a portable filter (ie not rack mounted) that I can use when I play, both at home and out and about. I want to run it through the effects loop on a pioneer djm 500. Any suggestions on who makes a filter effects unit like this? or where I can get one? thanks rick
  4. K

    Dj photos anyone........

    Anyone have any good dj pictures? I always think they're cool to look at and Im just wondering if anyone has any cool or unusual dj pics. rick
  5. K

    What ever happened to dominik?

    What ever happened to dominik? I haven't heard of him anywhere lately. Remember 95 - 97 when no one could get enough of him? Im surprised I havent seen him on any fliers in a long time and Im jsut wondering where he went. Maybee I live in a hole and he is just as popular as ever but it seems...