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    Something about (Fred) EVERYTHING

    so, who's up for some deepness, techness and all around funky bizness?! It's Fred Everything in the BAU-house and I'm THERE! Pre-drinks? ;)
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    Happy Birthday Operator!

    ...may the sun shine down on you and warm you with light, ...may the rain drop down on you and drench you with delight, ...may the earth be inviting and protect you with her skin, ...may the creator be understanding and always look within, ...may the love and loyalty your friends give to...
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    G33K kwe-stion

    how do I embed an image in an email that is stored server side on the web? code please? thanks ;)
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    Backtracks - front and centre for the love

    Without nights like these I think I would conform and not raise the bar in my life...I had the best time...and the music moved US! Dino & Terry What can I say but thanks so much and we had the past presented before us...the best that house had to offer...and we ate it...
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    "BackTracks" is back! Fri. Feb 13th and every friday thereafter @ Alto Basso 10pm sta

    Spreading the Fever If I were to tell you that one night COULD be filled with beautiful music and beautiful people...then I'd also be sayin...damn, what's holdin you back?!... Unconditional class, relentless love and soulful/garage music is where its at... Although I've gone to Alto...
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    my gift to you...

    calling all soulful, deep, funky, fill me with love, house heads... This is my gift to you: When I first started djing I had some people step up to the plate and give me a chance when others wouldn't and for that I am truly grateful...I'll never forget not being popular enough (hate...
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    calling physix

    your box is full...need to send info...thanks ;)
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    WTR : Parking Spot

    Does anyone have a parking spot to rent on a monthly basis for the queen and spadina area? Looking for Feb 1/04 and require 24/7 access for work purposes...thanks ;) you can pm me or send email inquiries to djkwe(no spam)@hotmail.com
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    RIGHT Angle Mix Review – don’t get LEFT out

    Angel & Cullen Lifesize music – Nov 2003 info@lifesizemusic.net ------------------------------------- Thanks so much for going out of your way to send this mix to me…it was totally worth the run around…I assure you that I’m on my 20 something listen of your cd…keeps me diggin deeper...
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    out with the old, in with the new

    congrats to DJ TRO...just wanted to support one of our local dj's/producers/promoters...opportunities like these are hard to come by so calling all house heads... this sat...Apothecary Bar (340 Adelaide St. W @ Peter) I think he's spinning all night, No Cover is just perfect, a nice...
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    DVS---I need you to empty your mailbox hun...or send me your phone #...meegwetch
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    something to look forward too...

    Kiang's winter mix...sorry Kiang but I couldn't hold it in any longer...this is a "MUST HAVE" Just puttin out the vibe...cause this guy wins me over everytime...sharin the love, KWE ;) Tracklisting?
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    dj contracts...

    I'm looking for any djin contracts you use when djing on international soil? Anyone? Thanks in advance!
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    clean your box girl!
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    Dec. 11 ~"DJ Dinner Series Vol. 3"~ feat. Alix Alvarez (NYC) at Alto Basso

    Could you ask for more soul in one night?...I'll be there with cd's and great friends...who else is gonna hit this up? Support those who truly share the love and passion for music... This is what house music is all about! keepin it real...
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    1. Only – Aquanote Original – Naked Music 2. Feeling the night – More Candy EP – Kaskade 3. Lakeshore Dr – Halo, When House Was EP – Bluemrecordings 4. He loves me – Jill Scott – Hidden Beach Recordings 5. New Jersey Deep (swag rmx) – Black Science Orchestra 6. People From Mars...
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    Maddog'in it...

    What can I say...I got my cd from Ruby...hand delivered...and I can't get over the diversity...although I've had his cd for a while if you're like me you have to listen to the cd thoroughly to appreciate the programming... I need a tracklisting! please ...the first track was the best...
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    Alto "Deeno" Basso

    Yup that's your new name...LOL... Checked out Alto Basso for Peter & Tyrone's Backtracks night and made sure I went early to check out Deeno... As much as I love the upstairs between 8-10...Deeno took control of the downstairs during this time and soulful sweetness was on the menu...
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    one KWEstion?

    are there any soulful garage house events this Friday?
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    Ron Trentalicous...mmmmm

    Had to hit up this party...went with operator and we had an amazing time...couldn't let another day go by without giving Ron props for the way he soothed my soul and put the love back in my heart... I had a pretty rough week so when the weekend hit it was all or nothing...and girls you know...