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    James Calder?

    Does anyone know how I can get in contact with James Calder? I misplaced his contact details somewhere between here and the other side of the world. Craig
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    Berkshire Hathaway Inc.

    Excellent. That is exactly the type of information I was looking for.
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    Berkshire Hathaway Inc.

    Has anyone read any of Berkshire Hathaway's annual reports (1995 - 2004 are the only AR available on the site -- www.berkshirehathaway.com) or Warren Buffett's letters to Berkshire Shareholders (1977 - 2004)? If so, can you recommend one.....or a few? Or, are they all good? I will read both...
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    Keyboard Drummer Video?

    that's exactly it! i was searching for "keyboard drummer" when i should have been searching for "this is rock n roll!" ha ha. find it on your computer?
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    Keyboard Drummer Video?

    email's easy, innit.
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    Keyboard Drummer Video?

    Anyone know where I can view this vid? Or any vids with people playing drums on keyboards? I saw an amazing (-ly funny) video of some dude doing a crazy drum solo on a keyboard. I think I may have seen it on PistolWimp or DevilDucky but I can't seem to find it..... Any ideas? Craig
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    Happy Birthday D-MONIC!

    ..........NO! Happy birthday dan! Craig
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    happy birthday Dan aka --[Zirca]-- !

    happy birthday dan! craig
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    Snake eats kangaroo (pics)

    back to the kangaroo and the snake.......... how long does it take the snake to ingest something like the kangaroo? i'm guessing a long time. if so, wouldn't the snake be vulnerable to attack from some other creature during this ingestion process? for example, why don't birds or dingos or...
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    Congratulations to Monika and Robb

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    Top 10 reasons why Japan is Brilliant!

    :) i look forward to returning to japan before too long.
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    **happy birthday beakeroo**

    happy bday dude! it was great seeing you!!!
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    Question for ESL teachers: re Nova Japan or No-vacation japan

    japan jeffsus, glad you made it. i am in australia now, but i have lived and worked in japan. worked at both AEON and Kyoto University for over a year. i miss REAL ramen. AEON, NOVA, GEOS, ECC, and Berlitz......same shit, same mcdonald's, same gig, all in a different pile. depends on how...
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    Classic Rave - Rick Toxic

    doing well. thanks for asking. australia is freezing cold. hope all is good in the hood and you're enjoying the nice summer weather in the northern hemisphere. (ps. don't want to hijack the thread.....so i love this mix!!)
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    Post nastay partyland wtf's here

    Was his name Mike?
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    Classic Rave - Rick Toxic

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    Kingston Tribers r u out there?

    kingston was fun times. i haven't been back in what seems like forever.
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    Congrats Robb G and Kick!

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    Poor Man's U-Haul

    in honour of the recent series of pics of that dancing girl, someone PLEEEEEEEASE repost the pics that were once in this thread!!!!!!!
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    Teaching in Japan

    Hello, Yeah for "a)'s" and "b)'s". I think something happened to me in Japan that made me really organized - more so than before. Well, you've picked a good country to do this. ;) "Teaching English in Japan" means that a) You will likely be working for a company and there is...